Strong dollar makes travel abroad cheaper for Americans!


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If you’ve been putting off a trip abroad because it’s too expensive, start packing your bags. A stronger dollar has reduced the price of travel, from a hotel room to a glass of vino, in much of Europe. Hotels and restaurants in Europe become more affordable thanks to the currency rates.

Other economies are shaky, making their currencies less valuable. Europe is barely growing. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy has been chugging along, and the dollar has gained, too. Best bargains: Thanks to the pound’s decline, England is cheaper than it was six months ago. But the euro has slumped more, making most of continental Europe an even better bargain! Greece is attractive right now because hotels and tour operators have been slashing prices to fill rooms. The same thing is happening in Portugal and parts of Spain.

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What a surprise! The word “PIZZA” was not born in Naples….


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The word “pizza” is one of the first Italian words. According to the historian Giuseppe Knuckle the word pizza was used for the first time in Gaeta, a fishing village in southern Lazio in  997 AD. (not in Naples!)pizza

According to his study the pizza, at least as etymology, would take its moves from a mill near the Garigliano river, which divides Lazio from Campania. This name appears in fact for the first time in a deed  preserved in the cathedral of Gaeta and drafted in May of 997 AD.

naples pizza

The lease of a mill located by the river Garigliano and the adjoining land, had legal effect provided that “every year on Christmas Day  , you and your heirs must  paid to us and our successors, by way of rent ….. twelve pizzas, a shoulder pork and a kidney, and likewise twelve pizzas and a couple of chickens in the day of Easter of Resurrection. ” The deed was originally written in Latin  but contain the Italian vernacular term  of pizza.

And below, I like to provide some extra tidbits of Pizza history to all Pizza lovers and fans out there….

  • The ” archeopizza “, in the seventeenth century in Naples was a poor dish of  white flat bread covered with lard. The tomato on the pizza arrived just after a while.
  • In 1870, Margherita di Savoia during her stay in Naples was honored with a pizza with  the colors of the Italian flag, white, red and green  and so the” pizza Margherita” became the banner of United Italy.
  • The same year, the loyal subjects of the Bourbons  came up with a pizza topped with mozzarella  from Caserta, little tomatoes from  the Vesuvius, Gaeta olives, and anchovies to honor the last queen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicily’s, Maria Sofia.

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Sunny Italy 8 Days/ 7 nights …WAS $1,975    NOW from $ 1,815

Discover Rome and Amalfi Coast on this spectacular tour. You will encounter the powerful reminders of Ancient Rome as you walk along the cobblestone streets near the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica. The amazing landscapes, the smell of lemon groves and exceptional cuisine of the Amalfi Coast have been enchanting people for many years.  


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