The culinary tradition of Bilbao is reflected in its ‘pintxos’

I read an article written by Iñaki Makazaga for the Spanish newspaper “ El Pais”   and I found it so interesting I want to share all the information with you! First of all because I love food, especially good food, second because I fell in love with Bilbao and its “Pintxos” during my first trip to the Basque Country. Pintxos taverns, regardless of their appearance, enclose in a single bite the best of Basque cuisine! These below are the best pintxos places in Bilbao suggested by chef Josean Alija, head of Nerua restaurant (one star in the Michelin guide), located inside the Guggenheim Museum.

Our Guide

First of all remember the right way to enjoy pintxos . Do it like the Basques do : stroll from one bar to another drinking wine with your pintxos . (this is called “potear”)

The Old Town – Casco Viejo

In the Seven Streets,   you will discover the real heart of Bilbao . “The pintxos encourage to drink and drinking helps to eat more pintxos”. If for inhabitants of Bilbao it is a way to share time with friends , for a visitor “el poteo” can be an informal lunch .

The Rotterdam (Calle del Perro, 6) provides casseroles (the sukalkis with the four Basque sauces -red, green, black and pilpil) reasonably priced and good wines .

Xukela (Calle del Perro , 2) is one of the first establishments who bet on the pintxos, and the first, according Josean Alija, to make them evolve in a new product .

The Gatz (Calle de Santa Maria 10) offers classic pintxos as well as innovative ones.

La Bodega Joserra (Artekale, 35) is another classic in the area for their pintxos , atmosphere and location.

La Bodeguilla Basaras , calle de la Pelota 2, “is the oldest in Bilbao,” with his omelet, anchovies and more.

And if you want enjoy a night out Josean Alija suggests to try Umore Ona ( calle de la Esperanza) and Katu Zaharra (Barrenkale) where you can also listen to good rock and live concerts .

Plaza Nueva

At the bar Plaza have a taste of “gilda” a combination of the best products of the countryside .

The Gure Toki and Zuga, both in the Plaza Nueva, are two good taverns for young people . On weekends, Zuga prepares 40 different type of pintxos . Prices for each pintxo between 1.80 and 2.50 euros a piece.


 La Viña del Ensanche (Diputacion, 10) always busy with a nice terrace and a nice menu, has become an icon for gourmets.

The Mugi (Pozas, 55) is “a classic ” known  to wine lovers  for its choice of wines and finger food”.  Also the Cork offers excellent world wines at a reasonable price.

Come to Spain, not just to visit the monuments, although well worth the trip, but to experience her culture and beauty, through the cuisine. Catalan and Basque chefs have gained acknowledgement worldwide, earning innumerable awards and several Michelin stars. Here’s your chance to experience it!!

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Venice will ban trolleys & carts on wheels



Noisy and dangerous! The special commissioner of Venice is ready to ban, starting next May , the suitcases on wheels along the streets of the city as a standard anti-noise regulation. Trolleys and carts with solid rubber gauge wheels will be banned in favor of suitcases with wheels inflated with air.
The goal is also to prevent the impact shocks to break the”paving stones” of the old town, damage the bridges that cross the canals.The new Calatrava Bridge already went several times through restoration, its glass steps and stones being systematically crushed by the passage between Piazzale Roma and the train station.

The rule will apply just for guests of the city. Take care: fines will be from 100 to 500 Euros! Let us help you or your clients: our private transfers will take care of everything and will get you to your hotels with no problem at all! Call us at 1.800.italy95


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