Discovering South of Italy Aboard Trenitalia

More than 150 new Frecce connection to travel stress-free with maximum comfort and safety.

Discovering The Calabria Region 
For the first time Frecciarossa and Frecciargento connect the whole country from north to south with 4 Frecciarossa between Turin and Reggio Calabria and 2 Frecciargento between Venice and Reggio Calabria, increasing the number of Frecce from/to Calabria up to 14. 

Discovering the South of Italy is easier and more pleasant with the new Link and Line bus and train services. 

The Calabria Region 
Exploring Coast of Gods is even more exciting on board the Tropea Line, a regional train which brings customers from Lamezia Terme to Tropea. Passengers enjoy the 55 km route from the window by passing through wonderful cities such as Pizzo Calabro, Vibo Marina, Briatico, Zambrone and Parghelia.

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