October 12, Columbus day, a perfect afternoon in Rome for the inauguration of “Rinascente” the megastore in the center of the city in Via del Tritone the first mall-museum in the world.


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I never expected such a large crowd:  ladies “le signore bene” from all over Rome in a perfectly ordered row along the Triton Street Sidewalk,  young people eager to hear  the live music entertainment marathon with pop stars, bands and DJ along with a multitude of curious people and  groups of tourist.  When the doors opened, the entry was both exciting and hectic.

I felt confined by the crowd  and I almost left,  after taking time to look around I was overwhelmed  by the spectacular hall the  shopping areas  being  developed  around a early 20th century building, embedded in the structure and turned into a mini-mall.  Futuristic furniture ladders, designed by Vincent Van Duysen,  connect the  floors, each signed by a different designer.

It was not easy but I finally reach the roof garden to enjoy another amazing view of the roofs of Rome,  its churches and bell towers.

But my favorite floor was the underground one where, during the excavations – as usual I would say –  a  60 meters long wall of the first century BC Christ  Aqueduct  was found .  They dug 4,000 square meters of land to rediscover Aqua Virgo Aqueduct.  An ancient palace, a “domus “from the 4th century, and various tombs.  Now, everyone can admire  it and learn the history of restoration described and commented by an audiovisual.

The mega store now hosts 800 brand shops with many restaurants and important news  for tourists, and “tax free” digital kiosks, to get local tax refunds, such as VAT .



From November 1st a NEW unique experience visiting the Coliseum


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After a long and meticulous restoration, the highest levels of the amphitheater, the fourth and the fifth, the spaces that two thousand years ago were reserved for the “plebes”, with seats numbered on the wooden poles  –  will reopen and can be visited in groups starting  November 1st . The  view from the Coliseum from the arena at 40 meters high is spectacular!

“It will be an unforgettable spectacle – comments the Italian Minister of Culture opening the new path – an incredible experience that every tourist will bring with him.”

But there are many other ongoing restorations:  the project for covering the arena  and the restructuring of the underground tunnels. These will make the visit to the monument which is a symbol of Italy in the world even more spectacular.