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While travelling in Spain with our Special Package  Romantic and Rural Andalucia taste the best gourmet food and discover behond the real classical gazpacho  some   unusual specialties :  Mojete, Perricos, Chapurquia.. .  Here below Jordi Luque Sanz’s   suggestions  of what to eat and where !  Jordi  Luque Sanz  is the Unto co-founder, a producer of gastronomic content, and food journalist


In Albacete favor the “Mojete” a  light and simple salad of tomato, onion, olives, boiled egg and tuna

In Alicante try the “ Arroz con costra  “The  rice with scab may not be light ( it is rice casserole with bacon, sausage, black pudding and covered with a layer of beaten egg it ) but it is worth  a try

In Almería:   Perricos The perrico is not a mutt, but a well-seasoned pork sausage including cinnamon and saffron.

Badajoz: the “ Migas” bred crumbs with sardines, melon, grapes or whatever

Caceres: Torta del Casar a cheese fill pie with strong character.

Cádiz: Tortillita de Camarones  Shrimp pancakes -a mass of chickpea flour and wheat with water, parsley, chives and shrimp- addictive!

Castellon: Paella!!  Nowhere better.

Ceuta:  Chuparquía is a  pastry with sweet dough, honey and sesame  usually eaten to break the fast of Ramadan

Ciudad Real: Berenjenas de Almagro Almagro eggplants   are another contribution of Arab origin

Córdoba: Salmorejo  for the traditional taste of it  book a table at El Caballo Rojo.

Cuenca: Zarajos  …fried lamb intestines  usually it served as an appetizer cap.

Granada: Habas con jamón (de Trevélez) a special kind of beans cooked with the extraordinary Spanish Ham

Huelva: Mojama y Jamón     sea and mountains flavors combine in a tapa The mojama    (from the Arabic word musama)    is a mediterranean delicacy consisting of filleted salt-cured tuna .

Balearic Islands:     Bullit de Peix  Usually it served in two rollovers: first the fish and potatoes and then a cooked rice with fish broth boil. Jose Carlos Capel recommend  to try the Bullit de Peix in Mustache (Ibiza).

Jaén:   Pipirrana con sopas   a salad whose basic ingredients are onion, tomato, green pepper with or without cucumber.  Sometimes it is added boiled egg, some brown fish meat or sausages.

Málaga:  Espetos  (grilled sardines or fishes) Espeto is a  popular and traditional way to roast the sardines on a cane spear over the heat of the coals in the picnic areas of our coast.

Melilla:  Pastelas    a kind of sweetish meat and bird pies very spicy, also typical fo  Morocco

Murcia: Caballitos  It is a must to have the caballitos (fried prawns with batter0  in t  Plaza de las Flores   Optional but recommende a nice cold beer !

Las Palmas:   Conejo en Salmorejo  The rabbit in salmorejo is a fairly typical Canary plate. It has nothing to do with the usual gazpacho. It consists of portions of rabbit marinated in oil, garlic and spices and then fried

Sevilla: Gazpacho  ! for sure the best in Spain

Valencia:   Horchata y fartons. A  summer drink served with  elongated  sugar-coated rolls.

The Best Island in Europe: ISCHIA


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Ischia was declared the best island in Europe by the results of the “2016 World’s Best Awards” just announced by Nathan Lump, Chief Editor of Travel + Leisure of American Express Publishing Group.


Ischia, a wonder of nature entirely made in Italy  that all the world envies. It is no coincidence that Ischia has been crowned “Best Island Europe”, in a privileged position among international tourism destinations more desired by American travelers.  The  Island , less crowded than the nearby Capri , stand in the eyes of overseas visitors for its natural beauty , the food and wines,  a modern reception system and the best natural spas and mud baths The Island of Ischia is celebrated for its excellent thermal waters. Thanks to the particular geological nature of the island the subsoil holds various water tables. These are underground currents of water which, passing through the earth, capture precious minerals which then remain “imprisoned” in the water and gush from the surface. This is the secret why these waters are so useful for beauty treatments – in effect, just by immersing oneself in these waters the skin acquires better tone, is smother and more attractive.  The entire island is a garden of natural well being.

Let’s help you to discover Ischia or one of the others awarded islands. We at Tourcrafters offer the best hotels and the best services and the best advise! call us 1.800.italy95

 2016 World’s Best Island Awards  rankings 


1 Ischia Italy – 2 Santorini Greece  – 3 Sicily Italy – 4 Madeira Portugal – 5 Ionian Greece – 6 Malta – 7 Mykonos Greece – 8 Paros Greece  9 Hvar Croatia   10 Crete Greece


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