Our Clients are followed step by step from the moment they reserve their trip in North America and throughout their stay in Europe.


Celebrating more than 37 years of experience on the  Travel Industry on January 2017 Tourcrafters with headquarters in LIBERTYVILLE, Illinois, partnered with Auto Europe Portland, ME  a leader in worldwide car rental services for over 60 years’ a partnership offering one-stop shopping for an unforgettable experience in Italy or Europe’

Tourcrafters offers the American Market the most exhaustive collection of programs to Europe. From bargain priced tours to our Luxurious Golden tours, and travel services such as independent hotel stays, transfers, sightseeing, car rental, cruise extensions and customized private services in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco,  France, England and Ireland., Switzerland Holland ,Germany, Austria, Prague, Budapest, Poland  Sweden Norway Denmark  Iceland,  Greece and Croatia

Tourcrafters offers a vast variety of properties in Europe: from 3 stars hotels to 5 star luxury historical residences, beautiful villas in Tuscany and Amalfi Coast, countryhouses in Southern Italy and Sicily, charming castle and “demeures de charme” in France, family owned cottages in Ireland   cave hotels in Santorini and package it with the best services available, private transfers and sightseeing, wine & bike & balloon & photo tours. We include free gelatos and aperitivo, gourmet dinners at selected non tourist spots.

Our vast selection of Escorted tours are carefully selected to offer an unforgettable vacation. Our clients can choose from the budget “bronze” tours or our Bilingual speaking “silver tours” with limited passengers to our “Golden tours” with maximum 16 passengers and original & gourmet experiences.

Service, courtesy, timeliness & experience

We are your one stop specialists in Italy and Europe since 1980, Tourcrafters offers you the best hotels and tours, together with courtesy, timeliness and service. TourCrafters knows that service, from the moment you dial the phone, to the moment you return home, is a key to your level of comfort and the success of your vacation.

Our professional reservationists have worked with us for 8 years or longer. They have all been to Europe and experienced our products first hand. With this type of experience you know you will get the best service possible with geographical & cultural knowledge. Our suppliers have also been around for many years. We offer our clients a representative in each country and most cities we offer. This is essential for a more relaxed vacation.

Whether speaking to a reservationist on our toll-free number. Or making an inquiry via E-mail you can expect courtesy, information and timeliness.

                          FOR MORE THEN 9 CONSECUTIVE YEARS

  Consumer Protection Plan $250.000  

 Professional Error and Omission Coverage of up to $2.000.000    







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