Portugal Travel Inspiration

Lisbon by Night with Fado 

An unforgettable evening with the beauty and the lights of Lisbon and its main monuments. Later, the welcoming feeling of an authentic restaurant and the nostalgic sound of Fado, a feeling that can’t be explained, but can be sung and must be heard in silence. 

Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from April to October 

FD Évora Wine Tour 

Comfort and tranquillity are what you will experience in this trip through the lands of the Alentejo Region. Across its vast plains, past its olive trees, cork oaks and vineyards, we’ll reach the charming city of Évora, UNESCO world heritage site since 1986. There, we’ll take our time to enjoy the wealth of its history, architecture and gastronomy, and the region’s arts and crafts, where you’ll be swept up in the diversity of the eras and styles, flavours and aromas, colours and shapes. During our visit, there will be wine tasting, and you’ll also savour the cheeses, jams and a variety of traditional sausages produced in the region. 

Frequency: Tuesdays and Saturdays from April to October

HD Porto City Tour 

The city of Porto is rich in well-preserved treasures, as the Cathedral, the Tower of Clérigos and the area of Ribeira (UNESCO world heritage site). Despite a stark preservation of ancient monuments, Porto also stands out for having ultra-modern buildings, much admired by international architects: Casa da Música, Serralves Foundation, among many others. Visit to a Wine Cellar of Port with a superb view over the old Ribeira (wine tasting). 

Frequency: daily   

FD Douro Valley Wine Tour 

Being the first demarcated wine region in the world and having its landscape classified as UNESCO World Heritage defines this charming and unique region in the North of Portugal. During this tour you will have the opportunity to experience the wine culture of the Douro Valley, enjoy lunch, a fantastic panoramic cruise and taste wine of the region while visiting two wine estates. 

Frequency: daily

FD Lagoa do Fogo and Sete Cidades 

Departure from Ponta Delgada towards the most western part of the island, where the mountains and lagoon of the Seven Cities are located. A small stop will be made at the viewpoint of Vista do Rei, one of the most important panoramic views of the island, from where one can observe the famous lagoon, asleep inside a huge volcanic crater. Visit the village of the Sete Cidades, an authentic portrait of rural Micaelense. Return to Ponta Delgada, with visit to pineapple plantation to learn about the peculiar way this tropical fruit is grown in the Azores. Taking advantage also to taste the famous pineapple liqueur (by availability of the supplier). Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Departure towards the north coast of the island to visit the city of Ribeira Grande and its surroundings. In the parish of the Ribeira Seca (“Dry Ribeira”) we will make a small stop in an old fountain. This fountain was covered by lava from a volcano that erupted in 1563, burying the settlement that previously existed there. Arriving in the center of the city, we already notice the baroque architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries of the buildings, which we will visit in a short walk. Taking now road to the mountain where is the Lagoa do Fogo, opcional stop at regional park of caldeira velha, we will reach the viewpoint over the Lagoa do Fogo. The scenery is beautiful. At this point you can also see both the north and south coasts of the island. The tour continues towards the south coast’s, return to the city of Ponta Delgada.

FD Funchal Walking Tour 

We start our tour on in one of the finest parks in the city, Santa Catarina Park, near Quinta Vigia, who is currently the official residence of the Regional Government of Madeira. On this garden we have an amazing view of the bay and to The Saint Catherine Chapel, the first religious building in Madeira, in 1425. Discover the downtown area walking past Funchal emblematic buildings. Avenida Arriaga is one of the most dynamic areas of Funchal and offers direct access to the Municipal Garden, the Municipal Theatre, the Adegas de S. Francisco – Madeira Wine Lodges, in addition to cafes and terraces. We pass by Largo do Colégio, the church of São João Evangelista, the Jesuit College and the Museum of Sacred Art. At Avenida do Mar, we discover the city’s old pier, Praça CR7, the Marina and Pontinha (city pier). Enjoy the views from the city pier, the sea and sailboats. In Praça CR7 visitors will also find the statue and museum of the famous Madeiran footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. After we will discover the Old Town and the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers’ Market), where you can find some of the most emblematic flowers of Madeira, such as birds of paradise, orchids and proteas, as well as typical products of the region. Here, the traditional flower stalls, full of lively colours and joy, are a sight to behold. Walking along Rua de Santa Maria and exploring this labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, is our next step. Here we will take a break for lunch. After we will also find the “Open Doors Art” Project, which, thanks to the work of local artists, has transformed the doors of Rua de Santa Maria (and other streets nearby) into an “art gallery.” As an option, we will ride the cable car* p to the little town of Monte, high above Funchal, enjoying the wonderful views over the city from the Nossa Senhora do Monte church and ride the wicker toboggan cart* half way down to Funchal the ride covers 2km and lasts about 10 minutes. Finishing our tour, we will admire the historic centre of Funchal, which includes the Se cathedral, the Praça do Município plaza and the Palace de São Lourenço fort.” 

*Car cable and toboggan cart ride not included.

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