Guide to the Roman Castles: Among the Alban Hills

There is no better place for a day out than the Alban Hills in Italy! Just wait for a nice sunny day, arm yourself with a desire to walk and you can spend a pleasant weekend full of good food and quality wine. The area of ​​the Roman Castle is located in the south-eastern part of the capital. This area of ​​Lazio is well known for its volcanic lakes and very lush forests, so much so that it has also become the destination of many bike and marathon tours. The beautiful landscapes, unforgettable wine, and the other gastronomic delights, famous throughout the world, make it one of the most irresistible places to spend holidays in Italy.

The Roman Castle has always been an escape route for all who love to spend a different day immersed in the history of the old fortified cities, ancient residences of the rich bourgeoisie and suggestive volcanic lakes.

Enjoy the Roman Castle with us !  

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