Romantic Venice

The favorite city by lovers, Venice is the ideal place to plan your romantic getaway. If you want to amaze your lover then treat yourself to a romantic holiday, where in every street, canal and corner of the city you can breathe a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

*Stay 3 nights at the hotel Bonvecchiati in a Superior room and get the St. Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant “LA TERRAZZA”

* Stay 3 nights at the hotel Palace Bonvecchiati in a Deluxe room and get the St. Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant “LA TERRAZZA”

* Stay 2 nights at the hotel Santa Chiara and get Free Bottle of Prosecco in the room 

* Stay 2 nights at the hotel Locanda Vivaldi and get Free Bottle of Prosecco in the room

Our Suggested Tours:

Falling in love, romantic private Gondola ride with special dinner or lunch: 

When romanticism and love are running through your veins and you cannot wait to see your sweetheart blinded by passion, here is your choice to demonstrate to your fiancée that you really care. A marvelous and enchanting gondola ride through the inner canals of Venice will let you discover the city from a different point of view. You will breath the atmosphere of the most ancient city in the world built on water. You will touch the sky when you will be served a romantic lunch or dinner in a lovely Venetian restaurant.

Private Excursion to Murano Island

Enjoy an excursion to the island of Murano by private boat with a personal tour guide. Murano is famous worldwide for its glass making since 10th century. Enjoy your visit admiring some of Venice’s best glass craftsmen at work! Your guide will accompany you through the discovery of the techniques of this ancient art, in a tour which includes a demonstration by real glass craftsmen! The glassblowing art is recognized in all the world such as synonym of beauty. After the glass-making demonstration, the guide will bring you around Murano narrating secrets and histories of the Island. You’ll visit also the marvelous Church of San Donato (if it is opened) a masterpiece of Venetian architecture.

Private Gondola Serenade

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a private serenade during a pleasant gondola ride! A cruise through the most charming canals and attractions of Venice.


  • Your private serenade on the Gran Canal
  • Exclusive experience to live the real soul of Venice
  • Professional musicians will perform popular Italian songs
  • Romantic Dinner in a special location:
  • Romantic dinner for two on a sailboat in Venice
  • Dinner over the Venetian Rooftops

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