EATALY – Rome –

The Air Terminal of the Ostiense station, built by the architect Julio Lafuente, for the 1990 World Cup, has been transformed into four floors of good food: healthy frying with the best Italian oils, buffalo mozzarella produced according to the most rigorous Casertana tradition, leavened bread with 35-year-old yeast, express pasta, panini d’autore and romagnole piadine. The beer is produced directly in the brewery inside the station, the coffee toasted instantly and the hot chocolate flows from the taps of the stand while a pastry section will delight gourmands.

Inside the “hub” there are many theme restaurants where you can choose the one you want most. From pasta, strictly from Gragnano, to pizza made with organic flour and mother yeast, to La Granda meat, fish from the Lazio coast, to the fragrant fried Pasquale Torrente, to salami and cheese, to buffalo mozzarella and to vegetables always fresh season.

COASTING OF THE COFFEE: Vergnano, a historic Piedmontese company, has set up a veritable roasting workshop entirely in sight, along with Slow Food presidents: HUEHUETENANGO in Guatemala and HONDURAS to create the Caffè delle Terre Alte. All visitors can enjoy a freshly toasted espresso, and attend all the stages of artisan coffee roasting.

CHOCOLATE CREAM: Venchi, a century-old chocolatier of quality, produces inside Eataly its amazing spreads: gianduia and flux. Eataly customers can thus watch live the work of the tempering machine that mixes cacao and Piedmont hazelnuts igp, with the extra virgin olive oil, thus obtaining a cream that comes out still warm.

THE PROCESSING OF MEATS AND CHEESES: a large window on the side of the sales counter will allow you to observe the boning of hams, the opening of parmesan and parmesan cheese and other operations related to the tradition of Italian pork and cheese. Massimo Pezzani, of the Ancient Ardenga di Soragna (Pr) is a master in the field of cured meats, while Fiorenzo Giolito, a refiner from Bra (Cn) takes care of the work in the cheese department.

FICO – Bologna –

Fabbrica Italiana Contadina encloses in 10 hectares the marvel of Italian biodiversity through 2 hectares of fields and open-air stables with more than 200 animals, 2000 cultivations and 8 covered hectares hosting: 40 factories; over 40 places for refreshment; shops and market; areas dedicated to sport, children, reading and services; 6 classrooms, 6 large educational rides – dedicated to fire, land, sea, animals, wine and the future -; a convention center and a foundation with 4 universities. The itinerary can be traveled on foot or by bicycle, free or assisted by ambassadors of Italian biodiversity.

Fico, in plan, is a sort of big ‘elle’, in the middle a cycle path that runs through it and the pedestrian walkways on which the kiosks and factories face, outside the factories the external areas, coherent with the factories themselves.

At FICO you can find the biggest and richest market you’ve ever seen. In Bologna well 9,000 square meters dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy, divided by theme and supply chain. But at the FICO market, there is not just shopping. You can live it from morning to night.

To have a chat with friends and taste the freshest and best products from the gastronomic shops. Go hunting for the most typical and authentic ingredients for your table. Take the experience of our producers home. The only park where you can shop for your bike thanks to Bianchi and his three-wheeled bike!

Thanks to an effective and engaging storytelling (already seen and tested for 10 years in Eataly and the great pride of the house), Fico leaves you with the impression of being in a place where the best Italian realities have been selected for you, convinces you that a thorough visit can satisfy most of your knowledge needs on the agro-food of the country with the most biodiversity in the world. This conviction is even more effective on tourists and even more on boys.

RESTAURANTS FICO is the only place in Bologna where you can eat and taste the main recipes of Italian cuisine with fresh and genuine ingredients made on site by 40 Farmers. Directly from the field to the fork. You can eat a little ‘everywhere: theme restaurants, taverns, bistros and street food kiosks.

The FICO restaurant in Bologna represents all the biodiversity of Italian and Italian eating. Faithful to the offer of our country and suitable for all requests, from children to gourmets. An offer without equal of all that Italian cuisine offers. A real treat for all tastes, a true paradise for all gourmets.

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