The most delicious square mile in the world? Via Giulia Gourmet District in the heart of Rome

Near Via Giulia is a real food bon vivant district, with an incredible concentration of places.. from  three starred restaurants  to gourmet street food cafes and temples of good drinking.

  1. It was Anthony Genovese,  one of the most refined interpreters of a kitchen concentrated on Mediterranean flavors, who settled the first, 15 years ago with his restaurant Il Pagliaccio – two Michelin stars – in the ancient Via dei Banchi Vecchi. ” I chose this corner of Rome for its discretion. It’s out of the way, tourists crowd do not pass by here and this already creates a selection “.

“In the years in this street, and in those nearby, very interesting places opened. The client-type lives mainly in the neighborhood. Many are also foreigners, who like to walk after dinner, and in this sense our location is privileged, being able to count on the proximity of places such as Castel Sant’Angelo and Campo de ‘Fiori. Unfortunately, some areas of the historic center are penalized by the assault of low-level junk food, and here we are in a happy island that we hope will be preserved “.

  1. In November 2015 it was the turn of Giulio Terrinoni, who with his restaurant Per Me won the first Michelin star. Located in the via del Malpasso, which from Via dei Banchi Vecchi leads to the elegant Via Giulia, the restaurant overlooks the street with large windows that are an irresistible invitation even for the most distracted passer-by. The rest is based on a modern, fresh marinara cuisine, played on the combination of taste and winning lightness even at lunch, where the bill becomes lighter thanks to the “caps” formula.

“And to think that I’m here by chance – reveals Terrinoni -I was walking in the area  and  I realized how beautiful it was. I saw there was a restaurant for sale, and here I am. “.

  1.  Valentine’s Day in 2017 was the time for the opening of Pipero, a Michelin star, on  Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Local airy and extremely elegant, with a proposal focused on “piatti di terra”( earthen dishes) interpreted by the young Luciano Monosilio.

“With Anthony , Giulio and the others we are friends and not rivals,says  Pipero,  when someone is missing something, we raise the phone and help each other “.

  1. The oldest restaurant in the gourmet district is undoubtedly  Settimio in via del Pellegrino, one of the city’s main historic trattorias. Small and simple, it looks like  the movie set of a black and white filmits clients do not  pay attention to the minimal furniture, and the reception is so informal that at the end of the meal one almost expects the customer to be asked to clear the table!  But the flavors are the authentic ones of the home-made Roman cuisine.

  1. Tradition was also revived in a”chic” version at Il Supplizio by Arcangelo Dandini,  in Via dei Banchi Vecchi. ”  I chose this area because – says Dandini, I needed a place where the flow of passersby was selected and not massive, and the inhabitants of the neighborhood will became our regular customers. I wanted to offer strictly Roman food.  With my colleagues,  all together we created a Bastille-like district in France or Mayfair in London, an interesting aggregation point for quality catering. “
  2. And Daniel Dallas Mannis that from his Osteria 140, specializing in seafood cuisine with an adjoining oyster club, a few meters from the Supplizio, defines the neighborhood the Hell’s Kitchen Roman. “I’ve been here since May 2015 – he says – I chose this area because I liked it, and then with a restaurant with two Michelin stars next to it I could not go wrong. When the others opened, I was even happier, there is a lot of collaboration between us, and it often happens that if, for example, a client does not find a place for Per Me, Giulio Terrinoni sends him here. And with others it is the same.
  3. And finally Il Goccetto is an historical wine shop, the realm of speakeasy,with the  aristocratic charm of via Giulia. Located in via dei Banchi Vecchi since 1983 the wine shop Il Goccetto, offers over r 800 Italian and foreign labels.

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