The German Fairy Tale road tour


From thePuss in Boots up to Snow White, from Hansel and Gretel to Little Red Riding Hood just to mention two well-known names. The Fairytale Road in Germany stretches over 660 km and goes from Frankfurt to Hamburg. At the beginning of the nineteenth the Brothers Grimm lived here, who found inspiration for their fairy tales. The permanent exhibition of the Grimmwelt, 1600 square meters long, is dedicated to them. On the way you will discover interactive stations, games inspired by fairy tales, sound installations and avant-garde art and curiosity for children

Within the Fairy Tale Route, there is a Unesco Heritage site, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, the largest hill park in Europe. Its construction took more than a hundred years and the stone falls literally leave you breathless. Among water features and streams, the castles are special and in the Löwenburg the little improvised knights can even take shields and swords and start a battle.

The route of the fairytale road starts from Hanau, a Bavarian town where the two Grimms were born, passing through Marburg with the old town with 14 stages that celebrate their fairytales. Then there is Christenberg, which is the village where Hansel and Gretel and Schwalmstadt were set with the woods that inspired Little Red Riding Hood. Further north is Hofgeismar, with its castle location of Sleeping Beauty. Furthermore, in Oberweiser the stories of The Puss in Boots and Snow White were born, and in Burg Polle, the castle, he recalls that of Cinderella. Hamelin is the city of the Pied Piper and Bremen, finally, is the home of the famous Musicians.

We were inspired by the itinerary of Elisbeth Sarco and her kids and we prepare a special package for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids 6/9 years old) with all the activities suggested for a wonderfuland unforgettable holiday.

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and during your trip read with your kids.. The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Snow White, Cindarella, Rapunzel  and Children’s and Household Tales


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