The 2017 best ice cream in the world? The Umbrian Crispini Pistachio

Between dozens of creative and innovative tastes, including exotic fruit and complex combinations, a great Italian classic from a Spoleto ice cream maker  won the finale of the Ice Cream World Tour.

At the end of the Ice Cream World Tour, 36 ice-cream shops from all over the world were compiting , but the great classic signed by Alessandro Crispini of Spoleto  -Gelateria Crispini,  got the best score by the jury that assessed taste, structure, presentation.

Crispini  used its special blend of three varieties of Sicilian pistachios, two of Bronte and one of Agrigento and to enhance even more the taste he added ” fleur de sel”  The three pistachio varieties are roasted for 24 hours, then boiled with Madagascar’s vanilla sugar and berries.

The Ice Cream World Tour is the first international traveling competitor in search of the world’s best tastes. . The goal is to talk about quality in the world of artisan ice cream, a sector that currently stands at over 15 billion euros, with an average growth of 4% a year


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