A great place to indulge:  Fiumicino Rome airport.

Once on a time “eating at the airport” was synonymous of just take a bite and settle for mediocre.   Now, all around the world airports are becoming a welcome place to enjoy your time.  The Roman airport of Fiumicino follows the trend and now offers to travelers 10,000 square meters dedicated to shopping and dining.  “The remodeled spacious areas of the new boarding area E,  where the environment is more welcoming and inviting to sit down for drinking and eating with ten new proposals:

  • The “Attimi” Chef Heinz Beck restaurant offers excellence of the region with three different “time menus” (30, 45 or 60 minutes) depending on how long the customer can wait for the departure (and also want for take- out)
  • Cristina Bowerman who has curated the “Assume” menu.
  • “Ajisen Ramen” is the Asian restaurant.
  • “Beercode” with its “gourmet burger” and  quality beers.
  • “Farinella” is a restaurant that offers true Neapolitan pizza.

With Fiumicino’s many bars and restaurants you can find  organic foods, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus!

At Terminal 1  the passenger will find:

  • “Antonello Colonna Open Bistrò” where the chef turns his art  in a full buffet-style ” all you can eat”.
  • “Gusto Restaurant “with chef Roberto Valbuzzi.
  •  “Ferrari Spazio Bollicine”, in collaboration with the starred chef Alfio Ghezzi.

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