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The  project “Pompei per  tutti” has made a route that allows those with walking difficulties to visit the archaeological site and Roman houses .

Now everyone can stroll through easily and without architectural barriers.  The archaeological site of Pompeii from the entrance of Porta Marina Amphitheatre, to strolling along Via Abundance, along with access to the most interesting domus and most significant buildings of the site, reaching a total of twenty monuments.  A 3 kilometers path are now accessible to people in wheelchairs, mothers with children, elderly, people disabilities, also for the blind and visually impaired.  Thanks to a new trail made on the sidewalks and in open areas.  A series of removable ramps will allow access to the complex of Julia Felix, the House of Venus Marina, of Octavius Quartio, the ‘Ephebe House”, the Criptoporticus,  the Sacerdos Amandus,  the House of the Faun, the house of Castor, and to the gardens . The route also leads to the Forum, with the ability to overlook a large part of the portico of the Basilica to the Temple of Venus.