A new experience see ARA PACIS AS IT WAS

ara-pacisWould you like to see the Ara Pacis – the big altar, built by Augustus between 13 and 9 BC in Campo Marzio to celebrate peace in the territories of the empire – as it was originally?  Now a new multimedia project allows us to admire the “ARA” as it was and this is the name of the exhibition L’ARA COM’ERA -the Altar as it was. From October 14, the monument will be shown in a completely new way: using special AR visors (Samsung GearVR) and the devices’ camera inserted in them, virtual elements and real elements mix together into the visitors’ field of vision leading them on a multisensory and immersive visit of the altar built by Augustus. And the visit to the monument will become a multisensory experience.

from 8 pm to 12am  (last entry at 11pm)
from October 14 to December 17 2016 on   Friday and Saturday
from  December 23 to  January 18 2017 : every evening
from  January 13 to April 15: Friday and Saturday
from  April 21to October30: every evening

Full price: € 12.00

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