The Best Island in Europe: ISCHIA

Ischia was declared the best island in Europe by the results of the “2016 World’s Best Awards” just announced by Nathan Lump, Chief Editor of Travel + Leisure of American Express Publishing Group.


Ischia, a wonder of nature entirely made in Italy  that all the world envies. It is no coincidence that Ischia has been crowned “Best Island Europe”, in a privileged position among international tourism destinations more desired by American travelers.  The  Island , less crowded than the nearby Capri , stand in the eyes of overseas visitors for its natural beauty , the food and wines,  a modern reception system and the best natural spas and mud baths The Island of Ischia is celebrated for its excellent thermal waters. Thanks to the particular geological nature of the island the subsoil holds various water tables. These are underground currents of water which, passing through the earth, capture precious minerals which then remain “imprisoned” in the water and gush from the surface. This is the secret why these waters are so useful for beauty treatments – in effect, just by immersing oneself in these waters the skin acquires better tone, is smother and more attractive.  The entire island is a garden of natural well being.

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 2016 World’s Best Island Awards  rankings 


1 Ischia Italy – 2 Santorini Greece  – 3 Sicily Italy – 4 Madeira Portugal – 5 Ionian Greece – 6 Malta – 7 Mykonos Greece – 8 Paros Greece  9 Hvar Croatia   10 Crete Greece

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