Sloppy Joes? Try the gourmet international original versions of it: Picchiapo in Rome, Bifana in Lisbon and Porto or.. in Fort Lauderdale  the best Cuban sandwich..

sloppy Joe is a sandwich consisting of ground beef, onions, tomato sauce   and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun. Someone suggests that the “sloppy Joe” was a creation of a cook named Joe   in a Sioux City cafe  in the early 30’. But the idea of it is way older than that!

As for all the street food  you just need to look around the word and find several version of what we may think is just “local”. So I want to talk to you about the different version meat sandwiches I tasted and love and where to eat it .

In Lisbon or Oporto: Bifanas!

Not just any sandwich, a Bifana is a gourmet fresh bun with thin slices of pork slow-cooked until tender, marinated in garlic, spices and white wine,  soaked into the bread and served with mustard and chili oil. While walking around the Alfama district in Lisbon or near the City Hall in Oporto you can find restaurants and snack bars that serve bifanas. We have chosen the best places to taste it in our gourmet tour.

SO TO BITE YOUR OWN GOURMET BIFANA BOOK ONE OF OUR TOURS  Lisbon gourmet experience              Oporto gourmet tour

An  unknown Roman delicatessen: Picchiapo’ in a bun

Picchiapò is one of those old fashioned Roman dishes  of the “ cucina povera”  that make something delicious out of inexpensive ingredients .  Picchiapò takes leftover boiled beef, and stretches it into another meal with the addition of tomatoes and onions.   Though you can found it again in some restaurants I will suggest you to taste it in a delicious roman bun while wandering in the old streets close to Piazza Navona. I will send you to the best place to eat it. Click here to find more about  our 12 day italy by train special package starting at 899$.

And while we are working  to take you to Cuba with our cruises and tours  try the best Cuban sandwich ever at   925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s in Fort Lauderdale, the pork in the sandwich melt  in the mouth like butter, the ham is cut to perfection with the  right amount of cheese and  thick cut pickles and  mustard!

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