Rome, new lights on the Forum

The bird’s eye night show over the valley of the Roman Forum is like a picture of Caravaggio, where the thick darkness that envelops the scene is suddenly pierced by light glows. No lighthouse stage, no theatrical exuberance, but a fine exaltation through the architectural details of the monuments that make this place unique in the world. The latest technology is allied with archeology to seduce the viewer. The secret lies in the 450 LED lights, which draw a breathtaking route along the Via Sacra offering a privileged entry to Santa Maria Antiqua. The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina seem to come alive in a new expressive force. The milky whiteness of the cold lights sculpts the mighty columns while a warm light enhances the brick wall of the church of San Lorenzo in Miranda. The effect is almost three-dimensional. The marbles of the Basilica Emilia evoke the titanic rhythm of its original size. The three columns of the Temple of Castor emerge from the shadows like white giants. And the grace of the House of the Vestal Virgins is enhanced with lights that made water fountains shining.

Every Friday (reservations required) from 8 pm to midnight until 28 October night visits of the Roman Forum are allowed, with guided tours in Italian and English.

click here to have a look of the amazing night show




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