Carrières de lumières Chagall lives in light in an old query in Provence

In the wonderful village of Baux,  one of the most charming medieval towns of Provence, located between Avignon and Arles, 100 projectors create a spectacular and unique reinterpretation of the work of the great Belarusian teacher in an old query. The performance will be visible from March 4 and until 8 January 2017.

The site that today may seem like a huge castle,  is actually a giant open air mine developed,  over the centuries,  in order to extract the limestone used to build the castle of Baux- en-Provence. The  query was closed in the 30s and it was  rediscovered in the ’50s thanks to Jean Cocteau, who shot here his “Testament of Orpheus”. Since 1976 the site hosts audiovisual performances with projections of works of the great contemporary artists all with a strong connection of the region.

The 2016 event is dedicated to the great artist, born in present Belarus, then part of the great Russia and titled “Chagall, dreams of a Summer Night” and literally offers a full immersion  of his artistic career.

Ticket price :  10 €.

Opening times : 9.30 am  to 6 pm   April, June, September and October, 9.30 to 6.30 pm  July and August.

Baux this year will also present at  the museum Yves Brayer  “Le Cirque”, an exhibition on the works of Chagall. 2 May to 29 September 2016

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