A wonderful evening!

On November 12 we hosted a dinner for Los Angeles agencies at Il Fornaio in Beverly Hillsil fornaio

I was amazed of the attendance and by the interest all showed for our products. And most of all I was happy to meet with real professionals of the trade. Competent, trustfully travel agents that can prepare not only a worry free vacation but a dreamed souvenir.

This is the only way to fight the online challenge and stay strong in the Travel Market.

After the presentation we enjoyed an authentic Italian dinner with Minestrone, Penne alla Bolognese, Rigatoni alle Melanzane,  Pollo toscano,  Sogliola alla Palermitana and Tiramisu . And if you want to know how to prepare these Italian dishes follow our blog and you will find it !!

At the end of the evening we raffled two  prizes for a 7 day vacation to Italy in January 2016 ! The winners are Mr Puni of Adore travel  and Amiri travel. But I want to remind  there is time until  Dec 31 to book a place to our Familiarization Trip.  For information call 1.800.italy95

Here below some of the pictures we took!


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