The best gelato is .. Italian! AN ICE CREAM MADE IN 1500 FOR THE FAMILY DE ‘MEDICI

Paolo Pomposi   – Gelateria Badiani in Florence – has won  the 2015 European “Gelato Festival “ .

The favorite flavor of the many you can find at the Gelateria? The gelato Dolce Vita with an old and very Italian taste. Ingredients: cream, milk, sugar, eggs with the addition of layers of chocolate sauce and hazelnuts,  a soft and delicious cream  which origin  dates back to XVI century and the Medici Family.

At the time “Messer Buontalenti”, architect, sculptor, painter, military engineer and also in charge of the organization of the banquets for the Medici family, during a visit of some Spanish ambassador, created  a new recipe based on milk, honey, egg yolk and a splash of wine. This very cream inspired Pomposi and we are now able to taste “again” !

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