More than a simple Greek Cruise a “Theme Cruise” for special interests

If You want a real, authentic Greek experience: archaeology, history, traditions and heritage, folk music and dancing, local cuisine and wine and ouzo (the legendary liqueur of Greece), a variety of contemporary Greek music… and you want to participate … if  You want to learn, touch, taste…you want to sing and dance. Our 2014 themed cruises have been designed to satisfy this desire, to give you the best of Greece. We plan to take you deeper into Greek breathtaking destinations, to tell you the incredible stories behind medieval castles and ancient cities. We want you to taste singular Greek wines and learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes. We want you to put your fingertips to the embroidery upon the centuries-old fabric of our customs and heritage. And, of course, we want you to sing and dance with us until morning.  Tourcrafters offers a wide range of packages which include  arrival transfer, 2 overnights at hotel of your choice in b/b basis, an  Athens tour by night, and a 3, or 4, or 7 days theme Cruise onboard of a Louis cruise line ships. We want you to live “Kalimera” with us. 

Today we would like to introduce our packages with a Theme Cruise on Greek Cuisine or Greek Wines.  In the next weeks we will  come back with  more information about our “theme Cruises” of History, Culture Archeology and Music.

Our Greek Cuisine Themed Cruises Put You in the Middle of the Aegean Kitchen  (departure dates:  July 19, August 9, October 11, 22)

Our Greek Cuisine experience, which emphasizes the cuisines of the Aegean, includes seminars, show cooking, interactive demonstrations and tastings, all drawn from the local cuisine of each of our destinations. We want you to have a comprehensive experience of the cuisine of this region, to truly taste it.

Our seminars are better than any cooking class you might imagine! In addition to discussing actual recipes and instructions, participants will be involved in a lecture and discussion, led by a gastronomist, about the origin and history of the local ingredients used in particular dishes. Traditional cooks from each of our destinations, will prepare mouth-watering samples of traditional Aegean dishes with fresh local ingredients. Some of the foods we will discuss and sample include Cycladic and Cretan cheeses (including gamopilafo) the cheese pies (“pitas”) of Milos, Cycladic greens and pulses, and olives and olive oils. We’ll also sweeten your experience with a tour of the pastries of Greece, from delicate and hearty to savory and sweet. Bring your sweet tooth to our pastry demonstrations, where Greek pastry cooks and confectioners will discuss the origin and history behind these extraordinary confections and the fresh local cheeses, creams, fruits, honey and nuts that have been used for centuries to craft irresistible creations such as baklava, galaktoboureko (a creamy custard pie), loukoumades, pasteli and orange pie. 

Whether You’re an Oenophile or You Want to Try Your First Ouzo, You’ll Leave Your Ship an Expert on Greek Wines and Spirits (departure dates:  April 30, May 7, June 11, July 16, September 10)

Wine has been produced and enjoyed in Greece for more than 4,000 years, and our wine and spirits themed cruises are a celebration of this rich history. Greece continues to build a global reputation for the quality of its current crop of wines, like Assyrtiko, dry with a fruity character, and Athiri, which is slightly aromatic, both from Santorini. Wines from the Peloponnese, like white Moschofilero, with its aroma of roses and violets and spice, and Agiorghitiko, a dry, aromatic red, have also been acclaimed by wine lovers the world over. The export most identified with Greece, however, is ouzo, an anise-flavoured spirit and the country’s national liqueur

Our wine themed program will be presented by the owner of a Greek winery, who will discuss Greek viniculture, the history of his winery and the production of his wines. After the lecture, a variety of delicious wines will be available for tasting, their bouquets perhaps enhanced by everything you’ve learned about Greek wine.

 We’ve also planned a serious introduction to a serious beverage. Our Ouzo themed cruise features a local ouzo producer who will take you through the origin and history of this authentic Greek liqueur. Following the lecture is a full-on celebration of ouzo, which will be served alongside traditional Greek mezedes (small plates of food served with ouzo, similar to tapas) prepared by our chefs.

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