A Day in Seville from Tapas to Tapas

Flamenco & tapas, but also sun, passion, joy and slow rhythms. Seville is an “easy” city, which you will leave with a smile on your lips. And, often, with a few extra pounds. Seville, capital of Andalusia, is also one of the gastronomic capitals of Spain especially renowned for its tapas, small portions meals, hot or cold, traditional or creative that represents a way of living.  

8.00am  Metropol Parasol: The typical   breakfast in Seville includes coffee with milk and toasted bread seasoned with garlic and olive oil , with fresh tomatoes or with pork pate; but you may also stop at ” CONFITERIA La Campana ” , a pastry shop open since 1885 , full of sweets of all kinds You are a few step away to the newest , and bizarre , attraction of Seville. The Metropol Parasol by the German architect Jurgen Mayer H, is the largest wooden structure in the world, a huge ” umbrella ”  which covers most of the ancient square in the neighborhood El Centro. Take a stroll on the boardwalk terrace, which overlooks the whole city

10:30 am The Cathedral : We head now to the Cathedral along Sierpes the main shopping street. Right on the corner of the Plaza de San Francisco, “Robles Laredo” is a contemporary restaurant with Spanish cuisine but you may stop and have a taste of their famous desserts. It will take you at least an hour to visit the Cathedral,   126 meters long and 83 wide and considered the largest in the world by volume, with its rich decorated interior and still holding the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Just outside the Cathedral you will find    the Alcazar, a sort of miniature Alhambra revealing   the splendor of the palaces of Arab rulers

1:30 pm Plaza de Toros : The bullfighting may be a bloody spectacle, a legacy of the past but I have to confess, like Hemingway I love it. And the beautiful arena, with its bullfighting museum   is worth a visit to “know the enemy”, and understand a little more of a tradition that still stands here. Are you ready for lunch?  You can stop   at the “Bodega Antonio Romero,” which is one of the most authentic tapas bars in the city. Do not be scared by the crowd and enjoy ultra-traditional atmosphere and food.

4 pm Calle Betis:It’s time to cross the Guadalquivir , the majestic river that splits in two Seville. You’ll find yourself in a maze of narrow streets of the Barrio de Triana , the old neighborhood where the legend says flamenco and tapas were born.  You will find an infinite number of places to enjoy tapas . On Calle Betison on the riverfront look for  the seafood specialties at ” Café de La Prensa ” and ” Casa Cuesta .” If you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner , stop to book a table for the evening in the stylish and elegant ” Abades ” with astonishing view over   the river and  the Torre de Oro. But the real gastronomic jewel of the Barrio Triana is “Puratasca” , in Calle Numancia 5,   a veritable laboratory of creativity applied to tapas and with the best quality / price ratio of the city.

6:30 pm Plaza de ESPAÑA:  Before the happy hour a short walk in the Parque de Maria Luisa leads you to the majestic Plaza de España with its canals crossed by rowing boats and the imposing palace built for the “Ibero-American Esposicìon” of 1929. At the nearby Hotel Alfonso XIII, one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe even without staying in one of the expensive rooms you can enjoy a drink in their lounge bar. 

9.:00  pm Barrio Santa Cruz:   It’s dinner time!  Wich, in Spain, asts until very late and it is now that  begins the most classic ritual of Seville : “tapear “ moving from one bar on to the next bar or restaurant sampling a small portion hot or cold, accompanied by a glass. For a good tasting not of touristic tapas go to   Paseo de Catalina de Ribera and try   “Winery San Telmo” or “Catalina “,   which will challenge each other with every day inventions and extraordinary wines.


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