Chantilly: the Castle That Rivals Versailles

This ancient royal residence is located a few kilometers from Paris is an example of a charm and elegance that can leave you speechless. Its name will make you think of the famous cream made from whipped cream, which owes its name to this castle. Moreover Chantilly is a true delight among the ancient French royal residences. It seems that François Vatel, the chef who is credited with the invention of the cream, worked here, at the service of the politician Nicolas Fouquet. Just a few minutes by motorway from Charles de Gaulle airport, surrounded by 7800 hectares of forest its worth the visit. Why travel to this castle, which Winston Churchill called “much nicer than Versailles”? First of all it houses the Condé museum, which after the Louvre can be considered the most important collection of ancient art in France. Inside there are about 800 works by artists such as Botticelli, Raphael, Filippino Lippi, Van Dyck, Delacroix and Géricault. Chantilly is also a unique example of synthesis between the layout of a medieval castle and the Renaissance style. Towers, spiers and moats make up a fairytale scenario, completed by the large park of 115 hectares. A masterpiece designed by André Le Nôtre, the same gardener of Versailles, later integrated with the English garden and the Anglo-Chinese garden. To enjoy this marvel from a unique perspective, we advise you to board the aerostatic balloon located in the park area. During a visit to Chantilly you cannot miss the “Grandes Ecuries”, the biggest stables in Europe: a masterpiece of ‘700 architecture with a museum dedicated to the horse, where all year high level horse shows are organized. It is called a “living museum” because it currently hosts 31 horses of various breeds.

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