Italian Hidden Treasures: Pompeii Casa della Fontana piccola

After a long renovation we can visit again one of the most refined and elegant mansion of Pompeii Casa della Fontana piccola, (the House of the small fountain).

casa della fontana a Pompei

The house owes its name to a fountain decorated with mosaics located on the bottom of the garden. Pieces of glass paste and clam shells decorate the fountain niche. The water came from the mouth of the marble tragic mask as well as from the beak of a bronze goose

Among the oldest private residences in Pompeii Casa della Fontana piccola is a small atrium house, a typical house for the local ruling class, characterized by an entrance, a vestibule, an entrance hall and a tablinum. Here, the landlord received the “clients” and flaunted his wealth. The house was owned by a merchant of fruit, Helvius Vestalis whose name is engraved on the facade of the house.

affresco casa della fontana a POmpei

The decorative cycle of the garden has been preserved, unlike other paintings. We clearly recognize the remains of a harbor port, some seaside villas, a bridge and a number of figures including some fishermen.

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