Luxury Travel: Specialized Villas

TourCrafters representatives are experts on travel to Italy and we are here to help plan the perfect independent trip to Italy for you.  We personally select the best vendors to meet our discerning clients.

From the Italian Alps to the beaches of Sicily , we personally assist in your in the selection of a property that will assure your comfort when booking a vacation rental located thousands of miles away.

The Villa vendor that we have chosen travels to Italy multiple times a year to inspect and revisit each property to assure your comfort.  They are available to us 24 hrs a day for assistance.

They thump the pillows, check the water pressure, and sleep in the beds. They know each property intimately and are happy to help us the one that best suites your desires. And we don’t stop there! Our frequent trips to Italy have garnered many highly rated vendors, and they enable us to recommend and arrange a variety of day tours and services, all pre-approved by us so that you can book with confidence. No matter what your dream vacation may be, a stunning villa with staff on Lake Como, a country cottage in Tuscany, a chic city apartment in Rome, or anything in between, give us a try!

Here’s a short list of the important things to know before you book your villa:

  1. Choose the right area – Italy consists of 20 regions, each one different from the other. Choose your rental villa by deciding what you want to see. Even though the scenery may be beautiful, you don’t want to spend all of your time driving from one destination to another.
    For example, if you want to visit Florence, Chianti, Siena and San Gimignano, you certainly don’t want to choose a villa in the Cortona area.  But if you want to see Siena and its countryside, visit Pienza, Montepuliciano and a possible day trip to Assisiin Umbria, then Cortona is a perfect area to call home for a week or two.
  2. Book in advance – Especially for large properties, six months to one year is normal booking requirement.
  3. Travel – Cars are a necessity for villa rentals located in the countryside.
    Trains do not service all areas of Tuscany and can take three times as long to get to your destination
  4. Food – Most of the homes are self catering. If you need a staff on hand, let us know before you start looking.
    Luxury properties will normally offer extra services, which we can help you in choosing those villas if your clients require it.
  5. Accommodations – Towels and Bed Linens are included in the price of the rental villa. You will have one set of towels per person; this normally consists of one bath towel, one face towel and one hand towel. Bed linens are normally changed every Saturday.
  6. Heating & Air Conditioning – Heating and Air Conditioning are almost always an additional charge, based on consumption.
  7. Supplies – The cupboards will be bare. We recommend shopping for essentials before you arrive at the villa. You don’t want to use a stranger’s left over food, and the housekeepers remove anything left behind. On your way to the villa, stop for essentials such as salt and pepper, soap, paper towels and toilet paper. Most villa owners offer grocery shopping and delivery before you arrive at the villa for a modest charge. Know that you may have to compromise.  There are very few large villas that are walking distance to town, the villas date back 500 years and were built in the countryside so to farm the land.  To find them next to a village is always difficult.
  8. Expectations – One person’s idea of perfect differs from the other. Create a list of the things that are important to you and list them in order of importance before choosing your villa rental.
  9. Unpack, relax and enjoy – Once you arrive at the villa, settle in and relax. Above all, open your eyes to new experiences and your heart to another culture. If it’s your first time in Italy, you will need a day or two to get into the rhythm of Italian life and to appreciate its slow and wonderful pace.

We recommend our Trip Cancellation Insurance not only to cover the cost of your trip should you not be able to go, bur also for the medical benefits it offers should you get ill while on vacation.  

Cell phones are another necessity while traveling. Check with your local provider to see if your phone can be used in Italy. However, make sure you ask them what the roaming rates are while you are in Italy.

Luxury?  We have you covered! For those who long for the ultimate stay, we have your covered! Ask anyone in our reservation department! 


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