Pizza al trancio ? This is the pizza you must eat when in Milan!

The ”pizza al tralcio” has nothing to do with Neapolitan pizza. The pizza al trancio (pizza by the slices) has Tuscan origins. It is cooked in a wood oven, but inside metal round pans. This kind of pizza is half of an inch high, it has a crunchy crust and a soft dough. Here below are the best” interpreters” of it in Milan that Valerio M. Visintin of Corriere della Sera chooses for you.

In pole position Fusco (via Cadore 58) one of the best in Milan. In the menu also “farinata” , sausages, vegetables and homemade baked cakes.

And the other “magnificent” 9 pizzeria where you can eat from 10 euros are:

Marino ( via Farini 8)
Pino (Via Fulvio Testi 78)
Pizzeria SPQ (Via Giuseppe Ripamonti)
Attilio (via Teodosio 82)
Mimmo (via Alfredo Albertini 2)
Al Cerro Ardente (via Montenero 16)
I Monelli di Porta Romana 129
Giuliano (via Paolo Sarpi 60)
Antica Pizzeria Fiorentina ( Bligny 41)

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