A Streetcar Named Desire…

once upon a time .. and  it had wooden interior and few seats.  From its large windows you could admire the world that flowed. It’s been over a century since those old trams crossed the city for simple transport. But this old means of locomotion has not lost its old charm. The tractors of the ’20s , the carriages of the’ 50s, up to the modern wagons of the ’70s, were restored properly and  today have become a fun way to visit a city.




The Elétricos do Port, the vintage tram network operating since the late 1800s, managed by the Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos of Porto, which make the historic tour of the city.

The Carris 28 of Lisbon is the historic tram par excellence, one of the most famous in the world, with its small yellow and white carriages has become the perfect postcard of the city. It starts from Largo Martim Moniz and ends in Campo Ourique. Hovering between past and present, this vintage-flavored vehicle accompanies famous monuments and hidden meanders. Passing through historic districts such as Baixa, Alfama and Barrio Alto, it passes through some of the most interesting sights of Lisbon, revealing even less touristy sites, such as the Cemitério Dos Prazeres or the amazing downtown murals.

The Line 10 of Rotterdam, where, on board of a historical vehicle of the 1930s, you will discover the main attractions of the city center.

The  Stockholm Djurgårdslinjen, which leads from Norrmalmstorg to Djurgarden  

In Budapest Tram 2 declared Unesco Heritage runs  along the Danube and  passes through the beautiful wrought iron bridges that cross the river, from Margaret Bridge to the Chain Bridge,the Elisabeth Bridge and that of Liberty, Petofi and Rákóczi, up to the Buda Castle.

Are ready for these adventures?

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