Do you know it? March 21st is Tiramisu day in Italy!

Well at least is an opportunity to prepare or  taste it.

For my side I have read the book Tiramisu – History, curiosity, interpretations of the Italian most loved sweet, sponsored by Eataly and I have discovered that there is a fight between Gorizia and Treviso to earn the title of city of origins.

Flavia Cosolo is the one who first invented his sweet at the restaurant “Al Vetturino” in Gorizia at the  end of the forties. This tiramisu is very different from the one widespread in the world. It comes in its cup and the ingredients are: zabaglione cream, whipped cream, sponge cake soaked in dry Marsala and cocoa powder

The birthright of the Friuli Venezia Giulia is also confirmed by  the second “historical” & more traditional recipe  created at the  end of the fifties of the twentieth century at the Hotel Roma in Tolmezzo by Norma Pielli and it is made with ladyfingers soaked in coffee and mascarpone cream.

Only  in 1970   the “Tiramesu” started to be sold and  publicized at the  Beccherie of Treviso and to be known around the  world.

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