Next summer in Rome “Divo Nero “a Rock musical on the Roman emperor

I am always looking for something different to do when I travel. This summer in Rome I suggest you to take the chance to see something very unique, a rock opera playing on the Palatine Hill.

Divo Nero -a Rock Opera,”   the colossal musical going on stage next summer in Rome will “put on fire the Palatine hill “at the sound of music and dances.   Nero and LOGO_DIVO_NERONE_ITA_1000-ksAE--1280x960@Produzionethe burning ruins of Rome are the background of a modern work that tells, with strokes of rock music, the life of the most controversial tyrant of the Roman Empire .The show will bring together many important Oscar awarded Italian authors and artists  willing to give life to a grandiose art project: The company will revive the glories of the Roman Emperor Nero in the unique set of the Palatine hill, where Nero spent his life.

With the spectacular backstage of the Palatine itself  and  innovative interactive and sophisticated technologies three-dimensional scenarios reproducing the architectural splendor of the time, viewers will be fully immersed   in first century dc    to rediscover the extraordinary events  related to the life of Nero, described in an alternative way, with rock music and dances.

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