Fish pedicure: it only take 10 minutes and it is fun!

Oia, Santorini, Greece It only takes 10 minutes and  zero effort: the trend comes from Thailand, with their  fish “cleaners”, the “garra rufa” , fish pedicurewhich, with the feeling of a massage (painless), “eat” and work toes, heels, calluses and cuticles as the best of the pedicurist. Moreover, they release an enzyme, Dithranol,  cure for many skin diseases that affect the feet. The result is impeccable.

Tourcrafters offers to their clients traveling to Greece  with a booking of minimum $ 5,000 a FREE Fish Pedicure at the beautiful Kangal Spa in Santorini (customers the Kardashian!) overlooking  the  Caldera . 

Fish Spa Kangal is composed of a network of licensed spa professionals with years of experience.  They offer the essentials in spa treatments such as body massage, facial masks, hand & foot therapy and more, for all special events and spa parties.

ABOUT GARRA RUFA FISH : have no fear! GARRA RUFA fish has no teeth. They gently suck the dead cells off our skin and provide a micro-massage which helps blood circulation. The experience is slightly ticklish at first but skin instantly becomes softer and smoother. Acupuncture points on your feet are activated by the rubbing motion of the fish giving an uplifting feeling during and after the treatment.

In  the early 19th century in Kangal-Turkey, two brothers were swimming in a thermal spring and noticed that small highly active fish gathered around their feet. The fish were feasting on their skin but the feeling was closer to a tickling rather than actual bite. From that day onwards the two men kept visiting this spring almost every day. Over the time, they realized that the skin disease from which one of them suffered, begun to recede. They realized that the fish removed the dead skin and helped in fast healing of the wounds. Thus, began the spread of these small fish reputation.

It has been more than 200 years when humans first realized the beneficial characteristics of the strange fish living in thermal springs in Asia Minor. Garra Rufa have no teeth and offer an incredible sense of relaxation when they come into contact with the skin to “nipple out” the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin. While on their way to skin exfoliation, they provide a gentle massage which helps the blood circulation.


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