A vacation for your soul !

When traveling to Europe slow down, forget the clock, enjoy every minute. To unwind from the busy art cities don’t forget to include in your itinerary a cottage , a farmhouse , a monastery . Take the opportunity of new experiences: be a brew master for a day, learn how to make bread at home, spend a day with a truffle hunter, get lost among the stalls of the fish market, and steal cooking tips from fishermen. Or in the quiet of an ancient monastery rediscover lost flavors and emotions.convento cappuccini ragusa

While in Italy … try Antico Convento dei CappucciniRagusa Ibla. The Convent overlooking the Sicilian green valley of Ragusa, is a place full of charm where you can learn the secrets of the kitchen of the monks. In Catania , enjoy fried “arancini”, “Seni di Vergine” (the breasts of the Virgin-cassata), “cannelloni”, “caponata” and more. Follow the cooking class on the monks kitchen at the beautiful Baroque building Monastero dei Benedettini di San Nicolò l’Arena (Unesco heritage).convento benedettini catania

For those who love the mountains South Tyrol’s master brewer Martin Stadlöder welcomes guests at a former sawmill converted into a hotel with brewery. In addition to hiking the trails and stroll through the historic streets of San Martino, you can be a brew master for a weekend.

Tourcrafters can arrange for you the most remarkable experiences all along your travel to Europe: let’s recommend and book for you the best places in the Europe countryside – Chianti farmhouse and villas to discover Tuscany kitchen secrets, Piedmont and France chateaux and country houses to hunt the truffle or learn to use the perfect mixt of the “herbes of Provence”, roll up your sleeves in Istanbul for an encounter of Turkish cuisine and culture, save a day in London for a taste of the tastiest chutneys, made in the nicest possible way.

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