What to do with your kids on your next vacation in Italy and France

Travelling with kids is so fun ! They have a different perspective of things we show them and they are  nowadays such good travelers. But we do not have to forget to add in our itinerary something just  prepared for them.

Here  some suggestions if you travel in Italy or France this summer.

MILAN is preparing a huge event this year that will open on May 1st the EXPO “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” .  If you are planning to visit Milan with your kids it could be a very good idea to spend at least few hours there and go to the Children’s Park

Interactivity, nature, experimentation, but especially games!  these are the key ingredients of the Park . The main aim of the Children’s Park is to help children understand the topic of sustainability through activities which are stimulating and fun. Children will feel immersed in a natural wood and a fantasy world, like Alice in Wonderland, so they enjoy themselves exploring the complex subject of life on planet earth.

Once in Children Park, the children will be given an album that will guide them in the exploration of the forest. Bridges suspended between 12 meters high artificial trees form a nature trail that highlights key elements such as water, air, land, energy, the plant world and the animal world.

What a surprise the orchestra set in motion by the children riding on bicycles! How wonderful will be to discover this very special garden where children can ride a giant eggplant and slip on lettuce leaves,  walk by the lake to enjoy a great picnic and discover  the importance of nature and its sustainability, invaluable resource for the future.

And if you are planning to spend your vacation in France during the months of July or August here my  suggestions  for you and your kids that Tourcrafters can book saving you time and money.

Near Nantes you can visit Puy du Fou Park!PUY DU fOU Immerse yourself and your kids in an 18th century medieval village… No, you are not dreaming, you are in a magical historic theme park. The second most visited in France, after Disneyland. Put your armour on… and enjoy!

While in  Paris visit

the Aquarium 20 000 leagues under the Trocadero
Millions of litres of water and thousands of fish under the Trocadero Gardens… this is Aquarium de Paris.
To give the children a better view of the fish, they are all welcome to roll up their sleeves and touch the fish in the ‘petting basin’, designed especially for them: the kids love it!

and just a few miles away  ….  Astérix Park ASTERIX
Come and spend a day in this family entertainment park, where children and adults will enjoy themselves on the tracks of Astérix®, the hero of the most famous French comic strip. Attractions, merry-go rounds and shows are combined for a day of unforgettable fun. Your children will be thrilled to meet their favourite characters!


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