Venice will ban trolleys & carts on wheels

Noisy and dangerous! The special commissioner of Venice is ready to ban, starting next May , the suitcases on wheels along the streets of the city as a standard anti-noise regulation. Trolleys and carts with solid rubber gauge wheels will be banned in favor of suitcases with wheels inflated with air.
The goal is also to prevent the impact shocks to break the”paving stones” of the old town, damage the bridges that cross the canals.The new Calatrava Bridge already went several times through restoration, its glass steps and stones being systematically crushed by the passage between Piazzale Roma and the train station.

The rule will apply just for guests of the city. Take care: fines will be from 100 to 500 Euros! Let us help you or your clients: our private transfers will take care of everything and will get you to your hotels with no problem at all! Call us at 1.800.italy95

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