Giolitti (Rome), Gelateria Pepino(Turin), Al Gelatone (Palermo), Gelateria Bilancione (Napoli), Gelateria Carpina (Florence), Gelateria della musicia(Milana), Bedussi (Brescia) all in Italy but also Glacier Berthillon (Paris), Salt & Straw Ice Cream Portland (Oregon), Amy’s Ice Creams Austin (Texas) Blue Marble Brooklyn (New York), Bi-Rite Creamery San Francisco (California), Island Creamery Chincoteague (Virginia), Churn Phoenix (Arizona), Cream Berkeley (California), Milk, Los Angeles (California), The Comfy Cow Louisville (Kentucky), Chinatown Ice Cream Factory New York City , Big Gay Ice Cream New York City,  Gelato Messina- Darlinghurst (Australia)

 gelatoThis is the 2014 list of the 20 best ice cream factories in the world, true temples of the most beloved sweet, and besieged by tourists and gourmands in the hot days of summer. If you are on vacation here, do not miss a visit. Ice cream is an ally of good humor: the researchers, in fact, have found that when you eat an ice cream your face express joy and reaches the 86% of happiness!

If you cannot make to one of these temples remember that in Italy most of the “gelateria” are really good.  Between June and September, 25 million Italians will be eating ice cream 2 or 3 times a week: as a dessert, a snack, and in some cases in place of meals.

Sometimes you may pay a little fortune for just a scoop of ice cream but for our clients .. we have chosen 2 of the best home- made gelato “gelaterie “, one in Rome (Gelateria Santa Maria Maggiore) and one in Florence(Vivoli) were they can get their favorite flavor for free!

Ask our reservation agents for our packages with a free gelato and more!


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