Snow in Rome for the first time in 26 Years? TourCrafters is Prepared.

St.Peter's Square
Breathtaking: Historical sights including St Peter's Square in Vatican City looked as if they had been frozen in time

My Name is Ivano, I’ve been working in the travel business since many years, and I organize transportation service in Rome for Tourcrafters Inc.

 We have had an immediate positive feedback from our clients, mostly Americans that are very happy about our services and always leave a very good review about their drivers and guides.   I think we offer a great choice for anyone who needs transportation like guided tours and transfers in Rome.  

 This winter we have experienced snow which is rare in our city.  We have very demanding customers who need to get from one place to another on schedule and without delay in the most comfortable means possible.   I’m proud to say our company has delivered each and every customer safely & on time. 

 All our vehicles have all season tires, are fully serviced and ready to go, even when the weather says “stay home”.

 So when the news says –

 “Colosseum closes and drivers abandon cars as snow falls on Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS.”

 We plan ahead. We are ready to go.

  •   Italian capital grinds to halt as severe weather halts traffic

Rome, Italy: Tourists are forced to bring out their brollies (umbrellas) as they walk past the Arco di Costantino during snowfalls today. The snowflakes are the first in the city for 26 years

The Colosseum and other ancient tourist sights closed to tourists as Rome saw snow for the first time in 26 years.

Traffic in the Italian capital ground to a halt as buses struggled to climb icy hills and authorities accustomed to a warm climate fought to cope.

Closed down city center

Visitors were stopped from entering the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the former home of Rome’s ancient emperors, over fears they could slip on ice.

The authorities ordered cars without tire chains off the road till at least noon as vehicles were trapped for hours on the ring road after many cars skidded and frustrated drivers abandoned their vehicles having waited hours for accidents to be cleared.

Snow dusted pine and palm trees and changed into slush on the cobblestone streets in the centre. In many neighbourhoods, 6cm (2.5 inches) of snow accumulated.

Buses were stuck at the bottom of the steep streets of the Monteverde neighbourhood near the ancient Janiculum Hill, and commuters and residents ascended the hill by foot. Balconies resembled skating rinks as overnight rain froze and snow covered the ripe fruit on orange trees growing on the Roman terraces.

Even during the unexpected, we’re ready to go. We deliver!

We are more than ready to address any questions or concerns you have during this time.

Ivan Esposito,Italy InlimosSoc. Coop.Arl. Roma.

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