Private Day Trip at the Keukenhof Gardens

English only – Available from March 24th to May 15th

We present to you the biggest flower park in the world: just about 32 hectares! Have the pleasure to discover it with a small group on this private tour.

We know well that the Keukenhof Gardens are an explosion of color and fresh air and that you want to be able to enjoy them to the fullest, at your own pace. That’s why we offer you a private tour in which you are the boss. We will tell you the whole story of the tulip flower, anecdotes, and how are they grown. You will have free time to wander around and take a thousand pictures, or maybe you want us to take pictures for you? Your wish will be our command!

During this tour you will discover:

What’s with the Dutch and tulips?
Right off the bat, we will tell you why tulips are so important here and what’s the meaning behind them. You can imagine that they are not important only for their sheer beauty. Ask us anything, we will tell you all about it!

A very botanical tour
This tour is half a stroll around the countryside and half a biology lesson. Among a lot of curiosities, we will tell you how this wide range of floral species are grown and harvested. Besides the emblematic tulips, we’ll get to see and talk about other flowers like lilies, hyacinths, and anthuriums.

If you are a tulip fan, this is your moment. In Keukenhof, there is a museum solely dedicated to the tulip. Did you know that the first market crash in history occurred in Holland during the 17th century when speculation drove the value of tulip bulbs to the extreme? Wait to hear the whole story… you won’t believe it!

Free time
Get the camera ready! When completing this tour, you will have spare time to enjoy some fresh air, a stroll, and to take some nice pictures. We will tell you about the different areas this park has so you can discover the secrets that are hidden in them.

* Specialized (and really friendly) English-speaking guide
*Private vehicle use
*Entrance to Keukenhof gardens without waiting in line

This is just an example of what we can offer and each tour can be customized!

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*Package descriptions and pricing are subject to change without notice