VIP Walking Tour and Da Vinci’s Last Supper Visit

Operated until February  2024  from Wednesday to Saturday   

Check in Time: 10:15 am  


  • Wednesday and Friday : tour departing from Duomo square. Walking tour and then Last Supper visit. Tour ends in front of Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.
  • Thursday and Saturday: tour departing from Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Last Supper visit and then walking tour. Tour ends in Duomo square.

Meeting Point:

* 10.15 am meeting point on Wednesday and Friday:
Piazza Duomo
, meet our tour leader in front of Tiffany & Co., under the loggias  

* 10.15 am meeting point on Thursday and Saturday:
Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, meet our tour leader in front of Santa Maria delle Grazie Church 

Departure: 10.30  a.m   (15 minutes earlier at the Terminal) 

End: (approx. 3hours )

A journey in time of Milan art, history, and lifestyle. Sophisticated, fast-paced, fashionable, classic and cool at once, Milan defines the very “Italian Style” and its cultural heritage at its best.  Explore the heart of Italy’s most vibrant city, main industrial hub and futuristic metropolis, with a tour created to be the perfect mix of art, history, anecdotes and today’s life vibe explained during an enlightening walking visit led by a knowledgeable expert local guide for your Milan last supper tour. Milan dates back to 400 B.C. and was an epicenter of power ever since, always transforming, always innovating. Ruled by the Visconti family and cultivated by the Sforza lords, who bedecked it with their grandiose namesake castle, the city boasts a refined atmosphere and brilliant contemporary art scene, as well as unique artistic masterpieces. It was the home and workshop of Leonardo Da Vinci and many other artists, and its artistry scene has always made the pair into its innovative and futuristic soul. Meet your guide and start your experience diving in history with the visit of the square and the Cathedral (outside): The Duomo and its flamboyant gothic pinnacles and gargoyles will bring you back in time, before strolling down the elegant shopping streets and wide avenues, as you discover the city’s grandeur viewing its fine landmarks and palaces. You will visit “La Scala” (outside), one of the world’s leading opera houses and then reaching the Sforza Royal Palace, as you stroll through streets made of stylish bars, hotels, fashion galleries, shops and restaurants and while learning about the city’s rich centuries-old legacy and inventive vision. During your walking tour you’ll get your first introduction to Milan’s gastronomic culture with a typical food tasting. Crown your day with the exclusive entrance to the impressive masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci: “the last supper”, where in silent contemplation you will be able to witness the grandeur of this city and its soul, painted by mankind’s greatest genius, Leonardo. A comprehensive tour of the heart and soul of Milan that will take you on a journey in time, from the past and a glance into the future.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to purchase the Cenacolo tickets, we kindly need to receive in advance the names of all participants (according to the ID card).

Walking Tour; Licensed English speaking guide; typical food tasting;  “Last Supper”/ “Cenacolo Milan” tickets;

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