Naples City and Street Food Markets

Available every day from April 1, 2023, to March 2024

Check-in Time: 1:15 pm in low and high seasons. 

Meeting point: the Fountain of Neptune in Municipio square

Departure: 1:30 pm (15 minutes earlier at the terminal)

End: around 4:30 pm (approx. 3 hours )

The Naples City and Street Food Market is a walking tour that starts every afternoon from Naples in Piazza Municipio by the Neptune Fountain.

Take a chance to visit the city of Naples with a local guide that is not just a guide, but a true Neapolitan traditions believer! With the tour guide, you will discover the real heart of Naples, full of the artistic influences left by the different dominations suffered by the city after the Greek and Roman ages.

Visit Piazza Plebiscito with the magnificent Royal Palace, walk along the seaside to enjoy the view of the bay and Mt. Vesuvius, stroll inside the food market Pignasecca and taste typical dishes of our traditional street food culture. Walk through the narrow streets of the historical center and in the famous “Spaccanapoli.” In the historical center, take the chance to enter a craftsman shop to learn about the tradition of the handmade statues of the Nativity (called “Presepe”), a practice deeply felt in Naples during Christmas time that goes back to 1000 years ago. Walk along the central nave of Naples Cathedral, also known as “Duomo,” and be fascinated by the history of Saint Gennaro and the liquefaction of his blood. Visit Naples, the oldest city in Italy (older than Rome and Florence), built 2800 years ago by the Greeks under the name of Parthenope.

Naples is Italy’s most eclectic, multicultural, and creative city, full of historical buildings, food markets, and artisan shops. Enjoy our Naples street food walking tour with a true Neapolitan local guide to discover the city in only 3 hours!

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