Treasures of Northern Greece

8 Days – 7 Nights From May 14 to October 22, 2023

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Day 1 Sunday
Arrive in at Thessaloniki’s airport and transfer to the hotel, check in, enjoy dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Monday – Thessaloniki City Tour
Thessaloniki is the capital of Northern Greece and the 2nd largest city of Greece, a city that drifts in time from classical antiquity to modern days, preserving centuries of history until modern days through architecture, gastronomy, local people and archaeological monuments. Among the 15 UNESCO heritage sites in the city, seize the opportunity to find more about the most important of them through this tour. Firstly, we will head to the upper town the so called “Ano Poli” and observe the impressive byzantine walls that once used to be approximately 4km in length and 10-12 meters in height surrounding and protecting the city inhabitants from invaders. Moving on, you will spot the traditional architecture by visiting the Paleochristian Church of Saint Demetrios ,the patron saint of the city and its catacombs. Heading to the heart of the city center, you will learn about the Roman period by admiring the beautiful Monument of Rotunda and the famous Arch of Galerius. We will finish our tour by the sea with the landmark of the city, the White Tower and the statue of Alexander, the Great King of Macedonia. Did you know that UNESCO designates Thessaloniki as one of the most Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the world?

Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations!

Day 3 Tuesday – Dion & Mount Olympus
Our journey to Myth and History starts by visiting the ancient city and sanctuary of Dion, dedicated to the most important and powerful Olympic god, Zeus, the king of ancient Greek Dodecatheon and the ruler of the universe. The ancient people used to make sacrifices in the name of gods to please or appease them, among them the Great King of Macedonia, Alexander. In the archaeological site of Dion we see a large temple dedicated to Zeus, and a series of temples dedicated to Demeter and Isis (the Egyptian god with the ability to create and destroy life), unique mosaic floors and ancient baths and ruins. Moving on, our experienced guide will lead you to the Dion Museum , where you will admire the ancient statues, relics and findings that were found in the site and listen to the myths and stories about everyday life of the people in ancient Dion. Our next stop is Stavros view point at Mount Olympus, where you enjoy breathtaking views of the so called “residence of the twelve gods” and the endless surrounding area of the Olympus National Park. Our tour ends in the picturesque, traditional village of Old Panteleimon which is traced back to 14th century until the end of WW2 ,when it was abandoned. There, you will have time to stroll around and discover the graphical narrow stone paved streets, cute houses, hidden taverns and coffee shops. After our lunch break, we return back to the meeting points of the tour.

Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations! 

Day 4 Wednesday – Alexander The Great  – Pella – Edessa & Wine Tasting
Our guided tour starts in the archaeological site of Ancient Pella, known as the old Capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Stroll around the 2.500 sq. mt. of symposium parlors and explore rooms with incredibly well-preserved mosaic floors of the 4th century B.C built by small natural pebbles, matched and laid in portrayed scenes such as the lion hunt of god Dionysos riding a panther. A whole city was revealed after excavations in 1957, well preserved in time, giving you the opportunity to use your imagination and along with history knowledge provided by the experienced guide to picture the predominance of the Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. Next point of interest is the so called “City of Water”, the magnificent Edessa. Take some time for yourself and admire the breathtaking waterfall “Karano,” the frothy rivers with over 47 bridges and the cute little parks . All combined creates a fairytale scenery of an outdoor water museum. There, you will have some free time to enjoy a local lunch. For the end of the tour we arranged for you a unique wine tasting experience to one of the many local wineries, famous worldwide for the “ Xinomavro” wine variety. The local producers guide you through the wine-making process, answer to any of your questions and offer you their wine along with some snacks. After enjoying a complete experience, we return back and drop you off at the meeting points.

Tip: Ask your guide for lunch recommendations in Edessa!

Day 5 Thursday – Meteora Monasteries 
Meteora, a monument characterized as one of the “Treasures of the World” by UNESCO and enlisted in its World Heritage List, is a must while your visit in Greece. Do not miss this top pick tour to a breathtaking ongoing geological phenomenon which one should see for himself to believe! It all started approx. 60 million years ago and since approx. 12th century AD the rocks have been exploited by the monks of Holy Mount Athos and built monasteries on top of each rock pillar. Each of the monasteries owns a vast richness of frescoes and icons and is admirable for its history and architecture, museums that contain a wide array of relics and ecclesiastical treasures. Our guide will guide you through two of the most important and most well preserved of the total six monasteries of the complex. After a lunch break in the beautiful village of Kalambaka located at the foothills of the rock formations, we return back to the meeting points of our excursion. Did you know that Meteora was used as filming location in the 1981 James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” ?

Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about the most ideal photo spot and about gastronomic recommendations in Kalambaka!

Day 6 Friday – Macedonian Treasures – Vergina – Veria -Lekfadia
A day that combines Hellinistic Period of conquerors and prosperity with the most important pilgrim route of Greece! Today you have an early start , heading towards the ancient Vergina or “Aegae “ as per its ancient name , the first capital of the Ancient Macedonia. There, you will have the opportunity to enter into the tomb of King Philip the II , father of Alexander the Great , which was excavated in 1977, protected by UNESCO and considered one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century. Our knowledgeable guide will guide you through a journey through the Hellinistic period, starting from the museum where you will admire all the Macedonian treasures and golden art findings from the royal tomb dated back to 4th BC. After a short coffee break, we will continue our day in Veria, the capital of Imathia municipality, a town well known for its wealthy religious history as St. Paul preached there on his 2nd tour. Admire the interesting Byzantine and Meta- Byzantine churches and temples and of course explore the local cuisine during your free time for lunch. Moving on to the ancient city of Mieza , the school of the great philosopher Aristotle, you will have the change to spot the place where young Alexander – later Alexander the Great of Macedonia – started to receive his first and most important lessons about Philosophy, Morals, Religion and Art. After our last visiting point, you will be dropped off at your accommodation at the estimated time of arrival.

Tip: Ask your guide for lunch recommendations in Veria!

Day 7 Saturday – Land of Aristoteles & Mount Athos Cruise
Accompanied by our official guide the day starts by leaving behind the Thermaic Gulf, passing by the two lakes Koronia and Volvi, wetlands of international importance, heading east through beautiful route of the Castle of Rentina (or else named “The Macedonian Tempi”) where the tragic poet Euripides left his final breath. Shortly we arrive at Strymonian Gulf and after leaving behind us the touristic village of Stavros we enter Halkidiki’s region. Heading south, enjoy the wonderful route along the coasts of northeast Halkidiki and spot the small Kapros island where Olympiada the mother of Alexander the Great was kept in jail. Our first point of archaeological interest is the Acropolis of Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the worldwide known philosopher Aristoteles, the teacher and mentor of Alexander the Great. After the guided tour our next stop is the small port of Ouranoupolis village from where you embark to a 3.5 hours cruise to the west coast of the monastic community in Greece , Mount Athos or “Holy Mountain”. From a distance of 500 meters, seize the opportunity to admire the biggest monastery complex in Greece and listen to the history of 8 orthodox monasteries of Byzantine epoch. After disembarkation, enjoy your lunch break in Ouranoupolis. Last stop is the “Aristoteles Park”. Experiment with the original interactive instruments influenced by the inventions of Aristoteles based on the laws of physics and described thoroughly in his books. The place is ideal to have a quick coffee or refreshment while enjoying the amazing view towards Singitic Gulf, Athos and Sithonia Peninsulas. After a full day of Impressions, we return back to the meeting points. Did you know that Mount Athos is an autonomous state since Byzantine times and that the entrance to the state is prohibited to women?

Day 8 Sunday – Departure: Breakfast and check-out

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