HALF DAY FIRA & OIA (approx. 3,5hrs)

Our lovely tour starts with a scenic drive through the plains of Santorini to picturesque Oia, the crowning glory of peace and tranquillity. Built on the northern part of the caldera rim, it is here where many artists have been inspired due to its magnificent location with its most superb views of the caldera, the rest of the island, and the Aegean Sea.

Our final stop is Fira, the island’s capital town. The island used to be circular, but a massive volcanic explosion around 3,500 years ago blew out the island’s center. (Many people attribute the decline of the Minoan civilization in Crete to this cataclysmic eruption. High cliffs jutting into the sea are all that’s left of the crater rim. The surrounding islands are the remains of the crater’s sides, and the sea has filled in the gaps, forming a beautiful bay. Sunsets on the island are particularly striking; all the restaurants and bars in Fira face west over the underwater volcano and the Aegean Sea.

Private vehicle with driver, Private English speaking escort, and r/t cable car


Begin your tour with a visit to Oia, a traditional settlement north of Santorini. The village is approximately 150 meters above sea level. Oia was severely damaged in the 1956 earthquake, and much work has been involved in implementing its restoration.

The beauty of Oia is unsurpassed. It is almost impossible to describe in words. Small white houses tier the hillside, interspersed by splashes of rich okra, deep fuchsia, cobalt blue, oyster pink, and earthy red. Oia is one of the most photographed places in Greece. It has inspired artists, poets, and every visitor who visits Santorini. Oia is best known for breath-taking sunsets; if truth be told, sunrise in Oia is also magical.

In Oia, there are two types of dwellings; the cave houses dug into the volcanic rock on the Caldera cliffs and the Captains houses. The cave houses used to be the homes of ship crews, whereas the Captain’s houses belonged to the affluent class of ship owners. Many of the churches in Oia were dedicated to sailors.

Afterward, you will visit the Koutsoyannopoulos wine museum. Being the only one of its kind in Greece, the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum occupies a natural cave. It is eight meters below ground, 300 meters long, and has a labyrinth-like shape. The Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum presents the history of wine and the life of vine-growers in Santorini since the 1600s. You will have the opportunity to see representations of wine’s history and taste four of the best wines that winery produces today in a specially designed wine-tasting area.

Continue to Pyrgos, which can be found at the highest point of Santorini, with panoramic views of the whole island to the village of Oia. This hillside village was declared a protected settlement in 1995—free time for lunch.

Your last destination will be the Monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is at the highest point on Santorini and spans 1,856 feet at the summit. You can see the surrounding islands and, on a clear day, the mountains of Crete, more than 100 km (66 mi) away.

Private vehicle with driver, Private English speaking escort, wine tasting, and r/t cable car

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