Thoughts from the Owners

-My name is Mauro Galli, President of TourCrafters. My love for the arts and the desire to make the American travelers part of the richness of my native country that holds more then 50% of the Art patrimony in the world, motivated me to co-found TourCrafters inc in 1980. The offices are now located in Libertyville,IL .  In my 30 years as a Tour Operator, the company has become one of the mayor tour operators in the US with a brilliant reputation for service and quality.

My extensive knowledge of the arts, my reputation as a tour operator, artist, and as a fascinating lecturer led me to create establish and bring to complete fruition, numerous councils and committees promoting the culture, arts and beauty of my native country.

-Hello there, here I am, my name is Francesca Galli, I am Italian born, raised in Europe, citizen of the world. I live in Chicago, and I fly back to warmer weather in Rome,  to spend to the winter months scouting around for new products, sniffing the smells in the kitchens where we plan to send our clients to learn the Italian way of cooking , inspecting our properties and… oh yes! enjoying the Roman way of life. I live few blocks from the Colisseo and Piazza Venezia in an old (the oldest) part of Rome called “Monti” where we still know each other names and family histories.

I am the one preparing our brochures and our products; while doing my job, I  “share” my feelings of the places I live, visit and love. This is not only Rome, my beloved city, but France where I studied, Switzerland where a cherished part of my family live, Vienna&Budapest, Prague, Spain  where…. so many things happen! Follow me and I will share with you my European trips and discoveries.

-My name is Piero Galli and I am the third musketeer! The 3 of us Mauro, Francesca and I have been managing TourCrafters together for a long time and we are going along very well as a working team. We enjoy dealing with dreams of clients who want to take the most wonderful trip to Italy and Europe. I come from a very different background since I am a Civil Engineer with a postgraduate degree from Rome University and I spent some years dealing with Public Work both in Southern Italy and Nigeria; a lot of organizing and executing big project as highways, dams and do on. I use the same skills now to “build” your dream vacation with a lot of attention for details and organization.

By the way I am a good golfer who can not only suggest the best golf courses in Spain and Italy where I play more than often but I can prepare you the best golf vacation ever in these countries

Get to know the owners better, check out our new presentation video!


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