Florentine Artisans Workshops and Private Tour

Discover the best traditional artisans in Florence!

This private and custom-made walking tour allows the traveler looking for an unexpected Florence to discover the link between the art and craft from the Renaissance to the present day.

Don’t expect a shopping tour; instead, it is custom-made based on your preference to let you discover what’s beyond the shop windows into the real manufacturing of these unique handmade items. The experience provides a better understanding of the importance of preserving and promoting these centuries-long skills, now about to die out.

We’ll show you the artisan’s traditions, their secrets, creativity, and the value and role of their work. You will stop by the little workshops and watch live how their skilled handwork manufactures precious items:

Marbleized paper
No frame leather boxes & picture frames
Leather goods gilding
Semi-precious stone inlays
Golden jewelry
Sterling table & giftware
Natural herbal perfumes
Essential oils therapy
Contemporary custom jewelry

Among the above-listed crafts, three or four of your choice will be the highlights of your half-day tour.

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*Package descriptions and pricing are subject to change without notice.