Marrakech, not only the souk: visit its museums and unmissable gardens

A trip to Morocco always involves the five senses and, during the stop in Marrakech, between spices and purchases at the souk, we end up forgetting that the city also offers much more. One can literally lose oneself among the historical cultural sites of the Medina and the new museum of Yves Saint Laurent. It takes only a day  to discover a different place with different fascinating atmospheres.  Start at Dar Darma Ryad in the heart of the Medina and get lost in its maze of narrow streets

The Photography Museum; its  interesting collection of black and white photos taken in the country between 1870 and 1960 will let you  discover customs, traditions and a forgotten past that can explain better to the tourist the peculiar characteristics of this land. You can sip mint tea at the end of your tour and enjoy the view for the terrace. Not far from the museum the  Medersa of Ben Youssef,  the largest Koranic school in all of North Africa and a true masterpiece of Hispano-Moorish architecture,  with its striking mosaic of tiles in five colors (called zellij) and  windows in cedar woo,  Carrara marble and stucco arches.

Then visit to the Gardens. The “Jardin Secret” is a kaleidoscope of blue and green hues, where you can get lost. This Moroccan house is among the oldest in the city and is surrounded by high walls. Inside there are the gardens of Tom Stuart Smith. The first is the Islamic Garden with plants of religious significance (from the olive to the date palm), the second is the Exotic Garden with succulents from distant worlds. And outside the city walls, the famous Majorelle Gardens, whose name derives from a French painter. Close by Villa Bou Saf, purchased by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé and transformed on a museum dedicated to the  French  designer . In the same building  the Museum of Perfume  called  L’art de vivre where you can see the process of creating fragrances  from the distillation of floral waters to the extraction of essential oils.

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