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No doubt on Turkish Airline. Their catering suppliers make a superfine work and delight even passengers on short-haul flights. The best in Europe is   Greek Aegean Airline, “true ambassador of its own tradition in flight” thanks to the “Discover Greek Cuisine” program with menus of the different regions of the country.pasto-aereo

Word of Nik Loukas!  The reviewer  superblogger since 2012 has been around the world 17 times, flying over 428mila miles and visiting 44 countries. All these experiences are since 2012 reported in depth on his platform  Inflightfeed :   each airline is on file and reviewed in its features and dining options.

For example, considering the low cost airlines, for Loukas the best are the Japanese Peach and Turkish Pegasus Airlines.

For the first class, on the other hand, according to the judgment of super blogger it is still Singapore Airlines to soar:   what about lobster and caviar during your Singapore-Melbourne flight!  Their Book the Cook is a luxury service reserved for 1st class passengers who can book in advance their favorite dishes and find it once on board!

On Air France First Class you can upgraded lunch and dinner. For a certain amount of money  you can “transform” their meal from the standard  to one prepared   by the famous Lenotre!

In the States Loukas puts on top Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.   The Mint of JetBlue business class serves the best meals and Alaska Airlines refreshments are the best in economy. The key of the success to all three Company menus is the catering from  local culinary  excellences: for example, JetBlue has formed a partnership for its first class meals with Saxon + Parole, ultra-chic restaurant in the East Village while Alaska serves  meals developed by renowned chef and restaurateur Tom Douglas.