While travelling in Spain with our Special Package  Romantic and Rural Andalucia taste the best gourmet food and discover behond the real classical gazpacho  some   unusual specialties :  Mojete, Perricos, Chapurquia.. .  Here below Jordi Luque Sanz’s   suggestions  of what to eat and where !  Jordi  Luque Sanz  is the Unto co-founder, a producer of gastronomic content, and food journalist


In Albacete favor the “Mojete” a  light and simple salad of tomato, onion, olives, boiled egg and tuna

In Alicante try the “ Arroz con costra  “The  rice with scab may not be light ( it is rice casserole with bacon, sausage, black pudding and covered with a layer of beaten egg it ) but it is worth  a try

In Almería:   Perricos The perrico is not a mutt, but a well-seasoned pork sausage including cinnamon and saffron.

Badajoz: the “ Migas” bred crumbs with sardines, melon, grapes or whatever

Caceres: Torta del Casar a cheese fill pie with strong character.

Cádiz: Tortillita de Camarones  Shrimp pancakes -a mass of chickpea flour and wheat with water, parsley, chives and shrimp- addictive!

Castellon: Paella!!  Nowhere better.

Ceuta:  Chuparquía is a  pastry with sweet dough, honey and sesame  usually eaten to break the fast of Ramadan

Ciudad Real: Berenjenas de Almagro Almagro eggplants   are another contribution of Arab origin

Córdoba: Salmorejo  for the traditional taste of it  book a table at El Caballo Rojo.

Cuenca: Zarajos  …fried lamb intestines  usually it served as an appetizer cap.

Granada: Habas con jamón (de Trevélez) a special kind of beans cooked with the extraordinary Spanish Ham

Huelva: Mojama y Jamón     sea and mountains flavors combine in a tapa The mojama    (from the Arabic word musama)    is a mediterranean delicacy consisting of filleted salt-cured tuna .

Balearic Islands:     Bullit de Peix  Usually it served in two rollovers: first the fish and potatoes and then a cooked rice with fish broth boil. Jose Carlos Capel recommend  to try the Bullit de Peix in Mustache (Ibiza).

Jaén:   Pipirrana con sopas   a salad whose basic ingredients are onion, tomato, green pepper with or without cucumber.  Sometimes it is added boiled egg, some brown fish meat or sausages.

Málaga:  Espetos  (grilled sardines or fishes) Espeto is a  popular and traditional way to roast the sardines on a cane spear over the heat of the coals in the picnic areas of our coast.

Melilla:  Pastelas    a kind of sweetish meat and bird pies very spicy, also typical fo  Morocco

Murcia: Caballitos  It is a must to have the caballitos (fried prawns with batter0  in t  Plaza de las Flores   Optional but recommende a nice cold beer !

Las Palmas:   Conejo en Salmorejo  The rabbit in salmorejo is a fairly typical Canary plate. It has nothing to do with the usual gazpacho. It consists of portions of rabbit marinated in oil, garlic and spices and then fried

Sevilla: Gazpacho  ! for sure the best in Spain

Valencia:   Horchata y fartons. A  summer drink served with  elongated  sugar-coated rolls.

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