Where to eat in Rome : the latest gourmet places .

Food, street food and comfort food, pizza, “prosciutteria” , appetizers and fried foods and gourmet take-away vegans; Rome counterattacks Milan and the Expo. With amazing locations with terraces and breathtaking views only Rome can offers.

Let’s start from the top: Hi-Res or High Restaurant, the terrace of the hotel Valadier a few steps from Piazza del Popolo signed by the Roman chef Luca Cardinetti. Try the artichokes with prawns tartare, the superspaghettone with scampi, citron and breadcrumbs , the lamb in lavender oil , and the sublime bread , homemade desserts.

terrazza valadier

Missing your burger? Brillo burger and Beer is a delightful little place. It serves “all day” hamburger specialties prepared with quality meat (Piedmont fassona, Danish beef, black angus US) . But give a try to the “ciriola” with Sorano sausage and chicory!

Looking for authentic but perfected street food: while strolling in Trastevere stop at Mama Frites :the Neapolitan tradition in gluten free version or bio flour, without additives and preservatives. They offer a wide selection of delicacies, gluten-free craft beers and a selection of local and national wines. Do not leave without tasting typical “Cuoppo” All the breads are homemade.

Also worth a visit the new Cantina Belsiana. Handwritten on the blackboard the plates of the day and the suggested wines from their “cellar” . Sundries and commendable selection of cold cuts and cheeses from small artisan producers of Lazio and Tuscany. Great retreat for even a glass of Shiraz and a bruschetta with truffle.

A few minutes from the Pantheon, the Gran Caffè Sant’Eustachio, historical cafeteria . Only the coffee is worth a stop then try the sweets, cakes, pies, desserts of every Italian region. Very cozy room upstairs facilities.

At the heart of Via Veneto Bottega Italia is a restaurant, a market, a delicatessen, a place to buy, taste, eat, share, and enjoy company. Ideal for a pizza with friends, for a brunch or a meal to take away.

bottega italia

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