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It’s pretty hot in the summer in Rome, and when I walk home from work I just can’t resist stopping by my favorite gelateria (ice cream shop) on Via Cavour to get a nice refreshing home-made gelato! I go crazy when I see all the flavors and the nifty decorations on top! My very favorite flavors are coffee, pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, coconut… oh no I can’t make up my mind!

I was doing some research on the origin of gelato, and I found out that the Alexander the Great collected snow so that he could eat it with fruit and honey! This custom was later passed on to the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

Of course, gelato today is much more elaborate than it’s snow-with-fruit ancestor! Also, home-made gelato is a lot healthier and lower in calories with respect to factory made ice-cream. Gelato is made with fresh milk, eggs and fruit or nut paste or cocoa. Or in the case of one of my personal favorites gelato al caffè, it’s made with freshly brewed coffee!

When you travel to Italy you can’t miss out on trying our best home-made gelatos, and don’t you worry we will take care of it… Tourcrafters invites!

We give each client traveling to Rome and/or Florence a special coupon to have a gelato for free in a top gelateria that we specially selected for you… 

In Rome… you can try my personal after-work favorite: Gelateria Santa Maria Maggiore (address- Via Cavour no. 97)

In Florence… try Vivoli  (address- Via dell’Isola delle Stinche, 7), the most famous gelateria in Tuscany!

So eat up quick… before it melts!

-Chiara Galli-