Hi all

After the Italy Symposium we discovered the amazing region of Puglia, where food, culture and history are framed by a beautiful  and a crisp blue  sea.

the view from alberobello

Alberobello, Italy (left) is definitely worth a visit.

I invite you to be part of our food and wine experience in Italy and Spain,  were you can really immerse  yourself in the flavor of the authentic incredible cuisine, your palate will burst in pleasure enjoying the combination of food and amazing wines. This is not only food for your body but for your soul.

My recommendations:

On your own, rent a car and wonder in the Italian countryside or the northern Spain Wine country, stay in our selected and charming properties, we will guide you in creating a perfect itinerary.

Dinner in Italy with a group of travel agents and Mira from globetrotters tv.

Or Meet new friends with our escorted wine tour of Northern Spain or the Sicily gourmet tours

The beauty of your surrounding will make it perfect. And the experience you will take home will stay with you forever.


Sometimes the pleasure to spend time with friends surrounded by beauty and pleasure will make you realize how important is to distance yourself from the stress of now days life and if is only for a  brief time,  will rejuvenate you and give you a new prospective of what is important in life.


-Mauro Galli