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Hi, My name is Jane and I am a Certified Travel Consultant and one of the TourCrafters Professionals guiding you through your European Travel.  Turkey can be seen as one of the less “trendy” escapes we offer, which is unfair to say the least. Having taken our 10 days- 9 nights “classical Turkey Tour, I hope to take that stigma away because is a beautiful journey.
Old City IstanbulThe first 3 days of the tour are spent in Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. Istanbul was such a pleasant surprise and a great way to start my trip.  The tours were very informative and the people, incredibly friendly. In Istanbul we have several small Boutique hotels, Arena Hotel, Sultanahmet Palace Hotel, Eresin Crown & Valide Sultan are among several of the 4* properties located all within a few minutes walk to all major attractions  that are located in the Old City.  They are adjacent or near to the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkaki Palace Museum & home to the Sultan’s Harem, as well as the Basilica Cistern located under the Hipodrome.

Inverted dome

Istanbul is a controversy of people, buildings and history.  With Asia meeting Europe and thousands of years of history I don’t know what else can be expected.  The Taksim Square area is very modern and touristy with lots of chrome, glass and glitz, teeming with nightlife, bars, restaurants & shops.  The Old city is the complete opposite with a very dense population that also has a lot of the same amenities and a feeling of stepping back in time.   The Bridge between the two is full of restaurants and shopping.  Visiting the old city and seeing the Mosque’s and Palaces gives a greater understanding of what took place over time in this city.  The Grand & Spice Bazaar’s both exactly what you would expect in thousand year old market and everyone hawking their wares.

After Istanbul, the tour proceeds to Ankara, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kadusasi, Bergama and Gallipoli… take at look at some of my pictures and get a taste of beautiful turkey…

And take a look at our special online brochure for Turkey and see what we offer you… http://www.tourcrafters.com/brochures/turkey/turkey_escorted.pdf

Balooning in Cappadocia


Views of Cappadocia

Turkish Caves

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