Hello there, here I am, my name is Francesca, I am Italian born, raised in Europe, citizen of the world I live in Chicago, I fly back to warmer weather  in Rome,  to spend to winter months scouting around for new products, sniffing the smells in the kitchens where we plan to send our clients to learn the Italian way of cooking , inspecting our properties and… oh yes! enjoying the Roman way of life.

I live few blocks from the Colisseo and Piazza Venezia in an old (the oldest) part of Rome called “Monti” where we still know each other names and family histories.

On Sunday morning I wake up and after a real cappuccino at “Illy Bar” in Via Urbana,  I buy my newspaper and  go to read it on the steps of Santa Francesca Romana Basilica in the middle of the Forum.

I enjoy the sun and sometimes I talk to the tourists walking around, sharing my knowledge of the City and also learning a lot from them!

Then just a mile away,  I go to the “Chilometro zero”(zero kilometer) Sunday Market for some special buys: it is there that I still can find vegetables and fruits from my grandmother’s time : asparagi selvatici, crescione, cicoria di campo, frigitelli , fragoline di bosco, sorbe, mele limoncelle.. all in season! Local producers who have chosen to preserve old species cultivating without pesticides, prepare the food with love and time,   they come to the Market to sell or moreso to share the food on the table,  prepared under colorful umbrellas shaded by  the sun . I buy something to eat and share the table with some new friends.. 

Ok , that’s me so  you know who is the one preparing our brochures and our products; while doing my job, I  “share” my feelings of the place I lived , I visited and I love.

This is not only Rome, my beloved city, but France where I studied, Switzerland where a cherished part of my family live, Vienna&Budapest, Prague, Spain  where…. so many things happen! Follow me and I will share with you my European tips and discoveries.